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Dr. Peter Goldman Revolutionizing Treatment With His Zone School of Healing

BERKELEY, Calif. – August 6, 2020 – (

​When patients arrive in a doctor’s office, they expect to be treated for a particular ailment based on that practitioner’s background and certifications.

Most people associate a chiropractor for example, with relief from back and neck pain. What doesn’t necessarily come to mind is holistic healing that can go beyond that.

One San Francisco-based chiropractic doctor is changing that with a revolutionary technique that has the power to catapult patients into perfect zone health. 

The Zone School of Healing teaches the Zone Technique, an authentic healing method guided by 25-year global practitioner Dr. Peter Goldman. 

Built on the principle teachings of Zone Therapy created by Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931, along with many other influences, Dr. Goldman has refined his Zone Technique to transform patients’ lives.

Dr. Goldman teaches the implementation of physical and metaphysical healing in a way that enhances a practice by adding new skills, saving time and significantly increasing healing results and profitability.

“The Zone School is for everyone — every healer and type of doctor,” says Dr. Goldman. “You can spend one-tenth the time with a patient and get 20 times the results.”

In the Zone Technique, Dr. Goldman teaches practitioners how each zone relates to the body and mind. He reworks physical, chemical and emotional imbalances using only the technique, his hands and a flat bench.

Dr. Goldman has demonstrated that the Zone Technique can deliver life-altering results during just two-minute zone adjustments that stimulate the spinal cord in specific areas to reset related centers of the brain. 

From eliminating pain and poor digestion to restoring sleep, focus and energy, the Zone Technique achieves balance within the human body for optimal quality of life at any age.

He explains there are points on the back of the head that relate to six different systems in the body: the glandular, eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular and circulatory systems.

A disturbance to any of those systems results in a short circuit so to speak to related parts of the body. In this case, a Zone Practitioner examines the patient to determine which of the brain centers is not in harmony with the systems they control. 

“Once I feel the points on the back of the head to determine which system to work on, I gently stimulate the spine in specific places that relate to that system,” says Dr. Goldman. “I show you how to stimulate the spinal cord to reset the brain.”

The Zone Technique is a powerful methodology that continues to gain momentum. Fellow practitioners have reported unparalleled patient results after applying the Zone Technique, with one calling it “magical.”

“This new skill will empower you and reignite a passion for your practice,” he says. “Becoming certified in the Zone Technique gives you the confidence to handle mostly anything presented to you.”

To learn more about enrolling in Dr. Peter Goldman’s Zone School of Healing, visit​

​Contact: [email protected]

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Dr. Peter Goldman Revolutionizing Treatment With His Zone School of Healing

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