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Leading San Francisco Real Estate Agent Shares Insight On Real Estate Market in 2020 And Beyond

Most people have put coronavirus on the back burner of life because of the current state of protests and in some places, riots, across the U.S.

Danielle Lazier is a realtor agent in San Francisco, California. After approximately two decades in the real estate industry in the bay area, Lazier has learned quite a bit about buying and selling real estate.

“It is common for people to panic during times of severe stress. This is no different. I am seeing people making decisions without forethought frequently. This can be somewhat problematic, especially when everything calms down, and life returns to a degree of normalcy,” said Lazier, a real estate listing agent in San Francisco, CA.

Lazier points to how people are living an almost fatalistic lifestyle, meaning they are making rash decisions and purchases without thinking things through. It is almost as if they are trying to live life to its fullest with the thought of being gone tomorrow.

“There is a saying for it – YOLO. You only live once. For the real estate industry, this can be a rather poor decision,” said Lazier.

Lazier points out how the interest rates are low, and people seem to be buying homes outside of their current means. This can pose serious issues when the virus and protests have passed.

“It is a better idea to stop, think and even speak to a real estate agent specializing in around San Francisco. We can help clients make a decision based on logic and budget rather than fear and poor forthought,” said Lazier.

Lazier specializes in luxury properties. She has a full listing of available properties as well as a blog of helpful topics.  Learn more at her website.  Go to

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