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How this immigrant mum has become a public speaker and is now helping lots of people become successful in their speaking gigs too

How this immigrant mum has become a public speaker and is now helping lots of people become successful in their speaking gigs too

Are you a bi-lingual first-time author, scared at your own book launch?

Do you come from a diverse ethnic background and English is not your first language?

You want to share your story with the world; however, you are not confident about crafting your message or does fear of speaking always paralyses you?

I can relate to you completely, let me tell you a bit about myself. I came to Australia in 2012 on working partner visa, we were newly married, in love, starting our new life in this beautiful country. I was fortunate to get a transfer from the company I worked for in India, however the luck didn’t last long, and I was made redundant. Initially, I my redundancy personally. However, after being sad and not being able to find any work I decided to pursue my MBA.

I started my MBA journey when my elder daughter was 1 year old. As I progressed through my MBA, I realised that I have a gift. A gift that’s rare and natural. The gift that not only allows me to speak confidently in public, it also allows me to help others calm their nerves.

As I helped my fellow MBA students, craft their message in a fun engaging way to present their assignments without the fear of forgetting everything.

I can help you as well; I empower my clients get over their fear of public speaking. 

After being with Toastmasters, BNI and several leadership positions where I have spoken to both small and large audiences in face to face and virtual setups. I have designed my “Make yourself heard-with Rashmi Watel” program that will help you, build your confidence as you work on your mindset as well as learn to calm your nerves.

My simple to implement strategies help you use your voice effectively adding the right pauses and modulations.

I teach easy to follow yet effective techniques to master your breathing to deliver your signature speech.

Once you master your craft, I also teach my clients to monetise their public speaking skills.

Public speaking is one of the world’s highest paying careers and 75% of the world’s population fears speaking in public.

If you are ready to take your career / business to the next level. Get in touch! 



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