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Behavidence, A Digital Phenotyping App For Mental Health, Releases A Closed Beta For ADHD In Adolescents

Using modern technology and machine learning, this startup has created an app that collects data from digital activities. Patients will save money and have access to accurate and unbiased data.

Children with ADHD often grow into adolescents still exhibiting symptoms. Traditionally, diagnosis is through a psychiatrist and treatment is behavioral strategies, educational support, and medication. This is expensive, can be unreliable and is without vital ongoing monitoring.

Behavidence announces a closed beta test for their digital phenotypes app, to help adolescents with ADHD get help using device usage patterns. The application detects digital behavioral patterns, and the data generated can be used for mental health diagnosis and management.

The app is easy to use, highly effective, and compares the adolescent to thousands of other adolescents with ADHD, rendering highly accurate results.

To access the application, please visit

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are 3.3 million adolescents between 12-17 years old living with ADHD. Most of these young people come from families where the parents can’t afford the luxury of continuous visits to the psychiatrist which are often not covered by health insurance. Even those who can afford to see a psychiatrist spend $300-$1,000, an outrageous amount, for ongoing care.

Behavidence is a startup created to make a difference in the lives of millions of people. The app that they have developed takes advantage of modern technology to find a more affordable way of diagnosing ADHD. Most adolescents living with ADHD have access to mobile phones. The digital phenotyping app is trained to detect the patient’s digital behaviors utilizing data such as usage frequency, typing speed, active conversation, and switching between different apps (games, social media, texting etc). Taking this information the app then uses machine learning and algorithms to define a specific digital phenotype to understand each user’s behaviors, which can then be linked to ADHD or not.

Another powerful feature of Behavidence is the ongoing behavioral monitoring capacity. The always-on view ensures patients get updates on their mental health conditions without expensive visits to the clinic. Behavidence also passively collects this behavioral data, which makes the diagnosis even more exact versus only using self-reported symptoms. The information is unbiased and accurate.

For more information, please contact +1 7865436989 or visit

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Company Name: Behavidence
Contact Person: Janine Ellenberger
Email: Send Email
Phone: +17865436989
Address:99 Wall Street #4004
City: New York
State: New York 10005
Country: United States

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