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Nuvi launches an innovative AI-Language Engine delivering deeper insight across social customer experience platforms

Nuvi AI scales to 138 countries, 20 languages, and 12 language facets with industry-leading accuracy and speed for real-time data analysis.

(PRUnderground) July 30th, 2020

Nuvi, the Social Customer Experience company, announced the release of its Nuvi Language Engine, a proprietary natural language processor. Built on machine-learning algorithms, it establishes a new standard in language analytics with industry-leading accuracy and speed which is essential for gathering and analyzing real-time conversations and mentions across social media channels, news outlets, RSS Feeds, among tens of thousands of other sources.

Jake Jenne, Vice President of Product at Nuvi, explained, “Most of our clients’ brands and products are mentioned millions of times per month online. At that scale, sifting through the noise to find important insights can be challenging. Our users need AI to help bring those insights to the surface.” Jenne continues, “We built the Nuvi Language Engine using proprietary machine learning algorithms so we can analyze more facets of language and predict customer sentiment with higher accuracy. This allows brand managers and marketers to see trends and build custom tags and alerts based on dozens of data points so they don’t have to manually review everything. It makes the daunting responsibility of online brand management possible again.”

Nuvi’s customers have come to know them for their data quality and speed. John Morgan of Unearth, a public affairs technology company and Nuvi customer, articulated the benefit of the Nuvi Language Engine, “We’re working on these political campaigns where there’s a team working with consultants, a team working on TV ads, a team working with the press. We’re ahead of all of them every single time when there’s a news story that breaks, or when something important to the campaign comes up. A Nuvi alert comes up and we are able to immediately have a conversation about it, draft a response, and get it to the client within 15 minutes.”

The Nuvi Language Engine is built to listen to and analyze 12 different facets including:

  • Sentiment

  • Vulgarity

  • Verb Tense

  • Categories

  • Intent

  • Entities

  • Phrases

  • Actions (verbs)

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs

  • Subjectivity

  • Emotions (Coming Very Soon)

Furthermore, the Nuvi Language Engine is optimized for analytics across 20 different languages along with Emoji analytics in any language.

What makes Nuvi unique among competitors

AI is built for prediction. To predict the language used on social media, machine-learning models must learn the way language is used on social media. The difficulty, however, is that language constantly morphs over time. Not to mention, data sets from a pre-pandemic world do not accurately reflect what we are saying and how we are saying it today. That’s why the recency of data is so important when building AI. Nuvi regularly invests in not only building new models for prediction, but also maintaining all data models for the most accurate data possible.

Better language analytics means more powerful insights to form effective strategies in managing your brand or crisis in the moment. John of Unearth added, “Nuvi knows about what’s going on about your issue before the public even has a chance to know and take off with it.”

To accompany their new release, they’ll be hosting a webinar where they’ll be sharing more about the Nuvi Language Engine and how to get more out of your social data on July 30, 2020, @ 10 AM (MST-USA). Visit here to learn more and register for free.

About Nuvi

Nuvi provides marketing & management tools to Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, Analyze, Locate, Review, and Capture to create better customer experiences!

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