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Legitimate Option for Selling a Home in Birmingham, AL

Legitimate Option for Selling a Home in Birmingham, AL

Situations arise where a person needs to unload a property in a rush for one reason or another. The loss of a job, a potential foreclosure, or a relocation serve as three reasons a person may land in this situation, and there are countless others. When this is the case, consider selling the property to a company specializing in cash sales. 

Owners who turn to Chase Pays Cash, LLC find doing so benefits them in a variety of ways. First, complete the sale in less time and know that it will be finalized. Lower fees come with this type of real estate transaction, and the owner leaves any needed repairs to the buyer. They walk away free and clear once the transaction is complete. 


The average home in and around Birmingham remains on the market for 53 days before it sells, or that was the case before the global pandemic. Due to the unforeseen circumstances associated with this crisis, homes aren’t being shown in person in many areas. Virtual listings have become more common, but many buyers opt to wait until things become more normal before buying. Sellers who want to avoid this delay find working with a company that provides the solution they want and need. Transactions typically complete within seven to 14 days when this company handles the sale. There are no open houses to worry about either when this method is used. 

Done Deal

Imagine listing the home, waiting for a month or two to find a buyer, going to closing, and have the sale fall through. Sadly, this can and does happen more than people realize. When working with a company that pays cash for houses, consider this concern laid to rest. The odds of the sale falling through as the buyer failed to obtain a mortgage disappear, the buyer won’t change their mind, and the repairs aren’t an issue. 

Reduced Fees

Real estate agents earn a commission when assisting with a home sale or purchase, and the fee can be as high as six percent. Companies buying houses for cash don’t charge commission fees, saving the seller money in many cases. In a conventional real estate transaction, closing costs run anywhere on average from one to three percent. Work with a we buy houses company and they cover these fees. Furthermore, the seller won’t be asked to pay all or part of the appraisal fee or the home inspection, as these aren’t required with this type of sale.

Visit for more information on selling your home using this method. Numerous homeowners find this option best meets their needs and allows them to move forward with life. Consider this option as it may be the solution you have been searching for as well. 

About Chase Pays Cash, LLC:

A real estate solutions company based in Trussville, Alabama, Chase Pays Cash, LLC remains a family-owned business and focuses on helping homeowners find solutions for their real estate needs. Whether the homeowner can’t sell the property through the MLS, the home has gone into foreclosure, or the home needs to be sold in a certain time frame, Chase Pays Cash, LLC works with the client to find the right solution for the situation.

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