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Termites – Identifying & Controlling a Termite Infestation

Living in the perfect house that you bought and built for yourself is everyone’s dream. You move in, have a house warming party. But when you wake up in the morning and reach your closet, the termites have eaten up those wooden cabinets, pretty scary, right? It’s needless to say that termite damage can be disastrous and is troublesome. 

According to the stats, one billion of structures are broken down every year because of termites. Even more, the house owners tend to spend over two billion dollars for termite treatment annually. As per these facts, you’ve got to be clear with the rules and measures for protection. In this article, we have lined out everything you need to know about termite infestation regarding identification and control!

Do I Have Termites?

So, you just sensed that there are termites in your home, and you are here to clear the thoughts around it. Well, it’s a good choice because the identification of the infestation is the first step for prevention. Termites basically come after the soil, food sources, and even the mud tubes. The majority of people don’t have an idea about termite infestation until they are swarming their home of eating the cabinets. 

Firstly, you can look out for the exposed wood or the hollow spots in the cabinets or other structures. It is advised to use the flathead screwdriver for this purpose. In addition, make sure they are termite swarms because people tend to confuse them with the ant swarms. The termite swarms have straight or droopy antennas, so look out for such insects. 

Preventing Termite Infestation 

You never know the damage termites cause until you see them damaging down your house. So, you need to make sure that you are preventing the termite infestation because they will eat it up before we know it. In this section, we have outlined the ways to prevent such infestations, so have a look and try to implement for life-long relief!

  • While constructing the home, you need to use the concrete foundations and make sure there is enough space between wood and soil. In addition, make sure you are covering all the wooden surfaces with the metal barriers or sealants
  • If there are some leaks in your home with pipers or something, you need to fix them up immediately 
  • You need to fill in the cracks in the caulk, grout, and cement foundations 
  • Make sure that you’re keeping the soil foundations safe and dry by adding a proper drainage system and proper grading. In addition, the downspouts and gutter maintenance should be adequately looked up to 
  • Even if you are talking about plants, there shouldn’t be any free vents from the blockage 
  • Never keep the wood debris or firewood around the house or store it 
  • Never let the plants and trees grow on the exposed surfaces because exterminator NYC has proven that you must never plant the trees close of the building 
  • Keep inspecting the house for the infestations on a regular basis to ensure termite isn’t growing 

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