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NS Modern Spearheads The Web Development Industry As one of 2020’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies In the United States

Founder and Co-founder of NS Modern share their story on becoming one the fastest growing tech companies in the United States. NS Modern is a creative digital agency based out of Portland, OR with global capabilities across website design and development, marketing, and branding

Right out of highschool, due to an economic blow to his family, Mike was forced to get creative in his summer job endeavor before he enrolled into the University of Oregon that fall. Feeling as though the odds were stacked against him by losing half of his financial support to go to the University, and unsure of how to proceed, Mike did what any young entrepreneur would do if found in a similar situation; learn a marketable skill. For Mike, that was website design and SEO. He decided to take the next year off school to pursue his creative passion.  After deciding to no longer pursue a college degree, within a few short years, word of Mike’s web design and SEO prowess spread. What had started as a summer job, had quickly blossomed into a fulfilling, lucrative career helping many business startups to fast track their success.

Brother Daniel, with a background in design, joined Mike shortly after. The duo share a passion for creative design that envelops NS Modern’s work. Mike’s tenacious, go-getter spirit that powers the productivity  behind business operations coupled with Daniel’s creative genius and obsession with details are the perfect balance behind NS Modern’s success. “We’re a dynamic-duo” Mike Jokes, “like Bill Gates and Paul Allen in their early Microsoft days.” This partnership led to exponential growth and attracted an esteemed, like-minded clientele base. 

Mike named the company NS Modern after his two daughters, Noah and Shiloh. His hope was to build and scale a business that would give his daughters, and others in their generation, new opportunities; an ability to learn a skill set, own a laptop, and subsequently work from anywhere in the world so that they could spend a large portion of their time volunteering and giving back to others. “I’m trying to train my Daughters from a young age that life is about giving, and hopefully NS Modern will provide them a skill that they can use to support themselves and their volunteer efforts in the future,” Mike explains.

As of 2020, Noah and Shiloh are still toddlers, but he is well on his way to achieving this goal. As the demand has grown, Mike and Daniel developed their two-man agency, to a sizable company full of passionate and talented digital pros, developers and branding experts whose expertise produces quality, rapid results. The company anticipates 100+ employees by the end of 2021. Today, the agency offers services ranging from web design and development all the way to marketing, branding and everything in between. 

True to the name, NS Modern brings a modern approach to the agency. This reveals itself in two main ways. First, a modern aesthetic is universally appealing. Whether the client is a tech savvy young entrepreneur or a more traditional, middle-aged businessman, a modern, sophisticated design palette is alluring to all. NS Modern’s minimalism and a contemporary design, eliminates distractions and contributes to a website’s ability to reach the user or potential customer on an emotional level, leading to an actual experience while navigating a website. 

Secondly, as Daniel points out, “We are living in a modern, digital age. If anything, the current pandemic [Covid-19] has only reinforced that truth. Online presence is essential for the success of businesses in all industries.” Possessing a high ranking website on Google, utilizing the proper keywords and strategically building a website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to the success of any brand or business. 

In the modern world, nearly everyone is using the internet to search, buy, and learn. Google holds rank as the number one search engine in the world. Having the proper keywords coupled with an aesthetic, appealing website design, instantly gives business owners a leg up, both in visibility and first impression. When in-person interactions are not possible, a website serves as the face of the company. A well-branded website can instantly tell a potential customer exactly what they need to know about the company behind the webpage.  

“There’s the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ which is absolutely sound advice in regards to viewing individuals for who they are on the inside rather than their outward appearance. However, that’s not the case when it comes to branding and design,” Daniel adds. “To iterate, how many people can say they’ve read an entire book without looking at the cover? Isn’t the whole purpose of the cover to visually convey the theme or purpose of the story and stimulate interest to read the book? In the same way, a company’s branding and website should visually portray the story of the company and provide a glimpse of why it’s services will improve the customer’s life,” explains Daniel.

Visibility and recognition are two vital aspects of any business. While establishing relationships with major media outlets, NS Modern has helped set their clients apart from the pack. This has enabled businesses to establish authority and scale their brand through direct response marketing, all with the goal of creating buzz around the company and establishing said business or individual as a dominating force and leader in their field through the media.  

To date, NS Modern has provided digital experiences to a wide array of clientele including five-time NBA Allstar Damian Lillard’s Team Lillard Sports website and The Lillard Foundation website. All why becoming one of the top Shopify Developers for E-commerce shops around the world. While the business models themselves may differ, ranging from local barbershops to high end e-commerce shops, all businesses share a common goal: to establish themselves as the leading expert and top choice in their industry, and it all starts with a solid first impression, usually online.

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Company Name: NS Modern
Contact Person: Mike Vallejo
Email: Send Email
Phone: 503.752.0217
Address:1455 NW Irving St, #200
City: Portland
State: OR
Country: United States

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