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Jeff Nock Iowa on Which Markets Have the Most Promise As Economies Begin Opening Up Again

IOWA CITY, IA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / The long road to recovery after COVID-19 has started in many different sectors. Lockdowns are easing, or are in the process of being adjusted, businesses are creating re-opening plans while also planning for potential second waves, and the battle for various stimulus packages continues around the world.

At this time, Jeff Nock recommends looking ahead and examining key markets that are going to perform the best as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease. What segments will bounce back the fastest? What's due for the most recovery? Where might investments be the most profitable? Jeff Nock's market analysis has yielded interesting results, examined in more detail below.

Digital Payment Platforms

Digital payment platforms have already seen a lot of growth during lockdown months as businesses and contractors searched for new ways to make transactions and enable payments. So it's no surprise that platforms like Paypal have done very well in 2020. However, the digital payment industry isn't something that companies dabble in and then quickly exit: Once these payment structures are set up as a potential source of revenue for businesses, they don't go away.

That means good news for all kinds of digital payment vendors as economies begin to reopen and new customers find it easier than ever to pay online and remotely. Jeff Nock Iowa points out that this is an excellent example of an up and coming trend that has been rapidly sped up by unforeseen circumstances.

Mobile Device Creators

Consumers have largely made mobile device purchases a cyclical event. They tend to replace devices according to their own timetables – every year or two for many, every several years for others. In 2020, mobile device purchases are largely being delayed, due in part to lack of availability (manufacturing issues and the inability to personally test the product in-store) as well as lack of income.

Jeff Nock of Iowa believes this is likely to create pent-up demand for new mobile devices that will spill over into next year, leading to a sudden uptick in consumers and companies purchasing updated mobile devices. Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 compatibility will only encourage this trend. With this expected increase in demand, it will likely be a good couple of years for Apple and Google's hardware divisions!

Jeff Nock Iowa on Why Cleaning Products Will Continue to Grow

Cleaning products may seem an odd fit for future growth as most revenue gains have already occurred with massive purchases of bleach and cleaning products. However, Jeff Nock reminds us of two important points. First, cleaning product companies now have extra revenue to invest in new expansions over the coming years, leading to many new opportunities. Second, Jeff Nock Iowa notes concerns over COVID-19 will persist for at least a year or two into the future, leading to strong cleaner sales even as the danger from the virus eventually fades.

Beverage Companies (Especially Coffee Brands)

Beverage companies are in an interesting place right now, and Jeff Nock Iowa believes that it's because of remote work situations. Many more people are working from home now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Within this remote situation, employees are discovering a need to get their own beverages that were once available in the break room. Jeff Nock Iowa thinks that's great news for Keurig, Snapple, Dr. Pepper, and a variety of other beverage companies.

Fast Food

Growth within the fast-food industry is straightforward. As Jeff Nock Iowa explains, consumers of fast food tend to rely on it as a frequent, convenient habit. That habit was constrained during the lockdown as fast food companies were limited in the services they could offer. As fast-food chains open up again, expect their dedicated regulars to come surging back in order to make up for the lost time.

For more information on potential growth and the best growth strategies, be sure to visit Jeff Nock's firm, Prescient Consulting.


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