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Cheaper Car Insurance For Senior Drivers – Top Tips

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2020 / ( announces a new blog post, "How Senior Drivers Can Protect Their Car Insurance Rates from Rising?", that presents several important tips that will senior drivers keep car insurance costs under control.

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Sooner or later, senior drivers will have to deal with a major increase in their car insurance costs. Even if they have perfect driving records with zero accidents and traffic tickets, their insurance rates will still increase. Some might feel that their insurers are discriminating because of their age, but insurance companies are legally allowed to charge any premium they want based on the driving record and age.

Senior drivers can save money on insurance if they follow the next methods:

  • Change the driving status. Retired senior drivers are recommended to change their driving status to pleasure or leisure. The new status will cover the senior driver's daily routines that are not work-related. By doing so, the insurers will see the senior drivers as lower-risk and will charge less on their premiums
  • Graduate a defensive driving course. Many states mandate that senior drivers be given discounts for taking approved driving courses. These courses take only a few hours and can be taken in an afternoon or a weekend. These courses will help drivers refresh their driving skills and knowledge.
  • Join a UBI program. Senior drivers can save as much as 40% by joining a usage-based insurance program. A device will be installed in their vehicles in order to record the mileage and various driving habits like speed, braking tendencies, and acceleration.
  • Drop a driver from the policy. In states that don't require all licensed drivers in a household to have car insurance, senior drivers can exclude anyone who no longer drives from their policies in order to save money on car insurance. Usually, excluded persons are older spouses or parents.
  • Make the car safer. Another great method for saving money on insurance is to install approved safety devices. Seniors can pay less on insurance if they install devices like rearview cameras, collision warning systems, and parking assist.
  • Compare quotes. Seniors should shop around and compare different car insurance quotes. Insurance companies have different premiums for different groups of people. Using a brokerage website to compare multiple insurance quotes is the ideal method that will help seniors find better insurance deals.

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"Car insurance companies are allowed to increase the senior's premiums based on their age. Fortunately, many methods can help them lower the insurance costs", said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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