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Film Production Companies Projected to Do Well Despite the Pandemic Says Panoptica

NEW YORK – June 18, 2020 – (

​​Amidst the global pandemic causing production interests around the world to halt, Panoptica, one of the leading film production companies in NYC, believes a new approach to making film is necessary as the country begins to reopen. 

A well-known creative agency in NYC, Panoptica, continues to defy expectations by delivering SXSW and the Cannes Lions-worthy projects despite the challenges of a pandemic.

According to the Panoptica team, the success of this, and other small agencies, could be attributed to impressive marketing campaigns. With branded content videos, commercials, award-winning feature films, and all kinds of original content, these agencies are creatively adapting to their current circumstances

Additionally, the new normal for New York filmmakers and production sets include an increased focus on safety and hygiene, adhering to recommended safety measures, and regular sanitization of the facilities.

Panoptica and other film companies in NYC have restored operations at limited capacities. Their teams have refocused efforts into setting up isolated workflows through the use of remote production kits. Creatives would still have the freedom to conduct operations such as direct interview shoots in real-time via teleconferences.  

Some have added new and advanced tools to the equation revolutionizing the production, as editorial duties, post-production, digital design, and other aspects of filmmaking are being handled at home by professionals who aren’t needed on the sets. They have now moved towards cloud-based solutions for remote operations.

Many companies are also implementing new processes and procedures to ensure the safety of their staff; these include:

  • Wearing masks and gloves
  • Social distancing where possible
  • Taking temperatures before each shift
  • Disposing scripts after each reading
  • Using disposable makeup kits

Panoptica believes that the shutdown has affected the livelihood of millions of people associated with the industry, and small branding agencies in NYC are feeling the pressure to reopen and get back to business.

With more and more production entities emulating Panoptica and other businesses, their team believes full-scale video creation will no doubt return soon. For more information about video production, interested readers can visit Panoptica here.

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Film Production Companies Projected to Do Well Despite the Pandemic Says Panoptica

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