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Commence Corporation Offers New Sales Tracking Software

Eaton Town, New Jersey based Commence Corporation is pleased to offer the latest iteration of their sales tracking software to entrepreneurs who seek to grow their businesses fast.

Larry Caretsky, a company representative, says, “Every business that earns revenue, big or small, needs to have a proper sales management strategy. This should be aimed at streamlining all sales operations and analysis into a clear-cut sales management process that includes setting goals, providing sales support and training, creating or updating the sales strategy and monitoring results.” He also explains that salespeople need to be able to track and keep tabs on all their activities, from beginning to end, in order to properly manage sales. Each step in the sales process should be identified, tracked and analyzed to achieve ideal results.

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Additionally, Caretsky explains that the point of tracking sales is to maintain records and specify every single aspect of the sales process. It includes following up on the day-to-day activities of all employees as well as projecting future sales. Sales tracking allows businesses to improve their resource management, centralize sales forecasting and evaluate the collective performance of the sales staff based on close ratios. Sales tracking can be done manually by employees—but it can prove to be a taxing and overwhelming task for many to handle alone.

In response, Commence Corporation asserts that sales tracking can be achieved more easily and more accurately through the use of an automated tracking software. Such software has the ability to log sales activities and provide management with more useful and accurate information. In fact, staff only need to do one step manually: entering the required data to ensure that the software will be able to yield accurate information and results. Following this, the software will do the rest of the job, such as extracting sales information from different sources and compiling them into comprehensive reports when required.

Caretsky adds, “Sales tracking systems are commonly equipped with several features that enable businesses to obtain data on day-to-day sales activities. To accomplish this, the software tracks deals that have already been closed as well as monitors quotes and leads that are still in progress. It also extracts historical client information, including every unprocessed quote and all processed orders from beginning to end. This task eliminates the need for employees to alternate between different computer programs in order to keep track of all the relevant data. Imagine doing all that manually. It can easily take someone a couple of days to complete, to say the least. Instead, using a specialized program for this task will significantly reduce work-related stress for the sales managers as well as the sales force.”

The data extraction process can be extremely valuable. Sales tracking systems allow business owners to convert the extracted data into insightful, useful and actionable business reports. These reports contain information about the direction that the collective sales are heading in, the performance of the sales force and the business as a whole. They also help identify sales techniques that work and do not work with customers as well as strengths and weaknesses in the business’ operations that might require attention.

Commence Corporation takes pride in providing a sales tracking software that can guarantee their clients the ability to execute sales tasks within a single data repository and view all customer transactions and interactions. It also supports sales account management, identifying the highest revenue earning accounts as well as those with minimal prospects. Their software can generate detailed analytics that enable the evaluation of individual sales campaigns and efficiently extract data from various sources.

As noted on the company’s Facebook page, Commence Corporation is committed to helping local businesses get more sales. They assert that, when it is done the right way, the use of a sales tracking software is an ideal tool for gaining complete transparency into the whole business process. The insights that can be obtained from tracking sales is necessary for the conversion of sales prospects into customers. Furthermore, sales tracking software also ensures work time efficiency and monetary savings (such as with the elimination of paperwork).

Those interested in learning more about Commence Corporation may find more information on their website. Similarly, clients who would like to visit the company’s office for a consultation may find directions on their GMB Listing. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with Commence Corporation via social media to stay abreast with their latest news and important announcements.


For more information about Commence Corporation, contact the company here:

Commence Corporation
Larry Caretsky
+1 732 380 9100
2 Industrial Way W, Eatontown,
NJ 07724, United States

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