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47-time-award-winning screenwriter David Santo launches elite screenwriting-ghostwriting service

ScreenwriterDave is imparting his rich experience through one-on-one screenwriting services.

Every second of life adds to the story of every person’s existence. David Santo finds stories fascinating and has made an incredible career out of it. Telling stories that show human strength and how unique each person is has been a passion Santo has nurtured for as long as he can remember. Now, 47 awards later, with four produced movies, David Santo is stepping into the next stage of his career, the launch of his elite screenwriting service.

Screenwriting has opened up Santo to producing and directing. He is also an author whose book on how to write screenplays topped at #1 on Amazon Kindle. With this new chapter, Santo hopes to teach people about screenwriting and learn from their experiences too. While it is a passion, Santo explains that being a screenwriter is extremely challenging, and finding work is that much harder. However, the thrill of telling meaningful stories makes all the hard work worth it.

Given his extensive experience in the industry, Santo has a unique understanding of what a successful screenplay looks like and makes sure to translate that for the clients. The one-on-one engagement with clients helps him deliver the best possible results and involves the client in the process. All his scripts meet Hollywood standards.

As a source of inspiration for many other screenwriters, David Santo advises, “If you plan on being creative (in any field), be prepared to struggle for a prolonged period of time.” However, he also adds that this struggle gives way to massive success. “Your life is designed to do great things.” Like any good story needs a clear outline, Santo explains that the journey to success starts with finding your purpose. Without it, life loses direction and ends up as a poorly written story. Santo says that everyone’s life is an incredible masterpiece that deserves to unfold in the greatest way.

As he runs his elite screenwriting-ghostwriting service, David Santo is also partnering with others in the industry. He is currently working with the Simpson Literary Agency and hopes to team up with actress Tara Erickson and join forces with Original Content Studios.

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