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Meet Mohamed Abdelhay: the Egyptian Digital Artist, Photographer and Graphic Designer Reinventing Ancient Art

Mohamed Abdelhay (24) is a digital artist in a digital age who philanthropies his art!

Egypt – May 11, 2020 – These days, a lot of graphic designers and photographers do more than meets the eye. Where they used to be associated with just images and colors in the past, modern graphic designers and photographers now make visual ideas, by hand or computer software, conveying thoughts that motivate, inform, or captivate consumers. And, as of today, there are not a lot of graphic designers and photographers as modern as Mohamed Abdelhay.

In fact, Mohamed is reinventing ancient art, and recently got an internationally-recognized certificate for his continuous creativity.

C:UsersUSERDownloadsIMG_1061.jpgEgyptian photographer, Mohamed Abdelhay

Mohamed takes photos of some natural phenomena that occurred in Egypt in the past years and combines them with some designs. He builds up a general format, as well as create a structure for commercials, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Mohamed Abdelhay is not settling for his exploits though, as he hopes to gain more international recognition.  In a recent interview, he said: “My dream extends to the sky to become one of the most important digital artists in the world if not the best. I want to take Egypt’s digital art global”. 

“Any certificate I will receive is a tribute to my country, Egypt, and my peers in Egypt. It will also be a tribute to those who encouraged me to continue taking pictures and merging them to reach the international level of professionalism”, he continued.

C:UsersUSERDownloads´┐Ż000.jpgA wonderful photographic piece by Mohamed

Superb evidence of Mohamed’s extraordinary work is the large number of admirers of his work on his Instagram account @mohamedabdelhay96. Mohamed Abdelhay is living proof that with hard work anything can be achieved.

For more information, kindly contact:

Instagram: @mohamedabdelhay96

Facebook: Mohamed Abdelhay

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Contact Person: Mohamed Abdelhay
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Country: Egypt

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