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PumPiX is all set to convert the tiresome process of washing hands and sanitizing the surfaces repetitively into something as simple as an effortless push of a button

A wearable and portable gadget with a liquid sanitizing dispenser to maintain cleanliness all day.

Virginia, USA – The prevalent Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down with more than 3 million affected people up till now. Studies have shown that 80% of the bacteria and viruses are transmitted through hands, therefore, everyone needs to keep washing their hands and avoid making contact with public surfaces. To make frequent hand washing and sanitizing hassle-free, an International entrepreneur has invented PumPiX.

PumPiX is a small, lightweight, and portable gadget that can store up to 12 ml of disinfectant liquid that is equal to 100 sprays. It can be donned on the wrist and with the help of the backward sliding button, all the desired surfaces can be sanitized. The product is created by a genius mind who calls himself an inventor, entrepreneur, and artist based in Virginia, U.S.

The havoc caused by the pandemic is already very much perplexing for the people, in such times the remedies, which include sanitization, should be as effortless as possible. A sanitization spritzer like PumPiX is the perfect solution. PumPiX enables you to make environment-conscious choices by reducing the use of plastic sanitizer bottles. It also removes the strain of remembering to carry a bottle every time you leave your home.  By pressing the button on this small, lightweight, and portable gadget, it will pump disinfectant on your hands or the surface you plan to touch and sanitize in a matter of seconds.

PumPiX is now presented at Kickstarter. Visit the campaign page HERE. People are urged to pledge any amount they wish and receive discounts accordingly. While explaining the importance of this gadget, the inventor said: “In these hard days of lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation, shopping, working, studying, and socializing are all taking place in homes.  However, understandably, we all have to leave home from time to time for essential needs like groceries or doctor’s appointments. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to stay away from crowded places, steer clear of public transportation, and wear a face mask if you have no effective way to consistently clean your hands. You can wear PumPiX on your wrist all day, everywhere. This way, you will have direct access to a disinfectant without having to deal with the additional responsibilities of remembering to grab it and carry it around.”

The exact size of PumPiX is 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches. It weighs around 35 grams and can spray more than 100 times with a full container.

About the Company:

PumPiX is a potential environmental-friendly substitute to hand sanitizers which will be initiated in mass production soon.

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