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Backstreet Surveillance Files Patent – Universal Security Camera Mount

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / The patent is based on the fact that the M5 mount is designed to support 99% of all security camera brands, housings and designs.

Scott McQuarrie CEO of Backstreet Surveillance, a 28 year industry veteran "…it's hard to understand how the security industry missed the idea. We throw hundreds of obsolete mounts into the dumpster each year."

CCTV Manufacturers design their cameras with unique mounting patterns that require a custom mount. The problem occurs when cameras and mounts sell at different rates; not every installation needs a mount. This leaves distributors with an excess of mounts when manufacturers end production of a specific camera.

The idea came when Mr. McQuarrie was watching an electrician mount a camera to a double gang PVC box and blank cover. McQuarrie "Why are you doing that?" Electrician "They don't make a mount for this camera." McQuarrie "How are you going to secure the camera to the electrical box cover?" Electrician "…self-tapping screws." Further inspection revealed as the self-tapping screws passed through the PVC material it molded around the screw threads creating a water tight seal.

The patent is partially based on the fact that there are no factory drilled mounting holes for a specific camera base. The mount is made of a durable PVC outdoor material. This allows any camera base to be placed flush to the mount and secured with self-tapping screws. This simple design allows the M5 mount to be used with 99% of all security cameras.

Other innovations detailed in the patent application are, the M5 mount is visually attractive and features multiple innovative cabling and mounting options. The screw patterns on the mounts base match single and double gang electrical box patterns. The M5 can be mounted directly to any construction material, then cabling routed directly from the back or enter from either side using the cable guide bays. The mounts rubber cable bushings ensure a water tight seal protecting the cable connections.

The mount is exclusively available from For more information contact Mac Jorgensen, Security Consultant with Backstreet Surveillance. 800-431-3056 ex102. Or visit

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Company: Backstreet Surveillance, Inc.
Contact Person: Mac Jorgensen
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Backstreet Surveillance, Inc.

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