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Ceca Foundation Steps Up Efforts to Honor Frontline Healthcare Workers Fighting Coronavirus

Supplements Ongoing Caregiver Awards to Recognize Extraordinary Service

The COVID-19 virus is now running its course in the U.S., putting incredible pressure on patients and residents in the nation’s hospitals and long-term care communities. Healthcare workers are making truly heroic personal sacrifices that jeopardize their own health and private lives, working incredibly long hours to care for and comfort those who are directly impacted. 

“If there was ever a time to show our appreciation to caregivers, it is now,” said Nathan Hamme, President of Ceca Foundation. Ceca was established in the year 2013 to celebrate caregiver excellence and promote quality patient care. “We are now introducing Special Awards to honor frontline workers and support staff – all defined as caregivers – in the fight against COVID-19 within our most vulnerable healthcare communities. This is above and beyond the ongoing monthly and quarterly Ceca Awards given, and the level of dedication our healthcare workers have shown is more than enough reason to provide extra recognition for their sacrifies.” 

Ceca established connections with 50 hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric, and hospice centers to recognize and financially reward their outstanding caregivers via Ceca Award program. The Foundation provides proprietary software and manages its partners’ engagement and recognition program while underwriting monetary awards for caregivers. We are inviting those outside our network to submit their own stories about the kindness, selflessness, creative ideas and extraordinary acts of care that we need to get through these difficult times.

Matthew Lawlor, Founder, and Executive Chair, further stated, “After more than 23,000 nominations and countless Ceca Award ceremonies over the years, it still leaves a lump in my throat witnessing Ceca Awardees being honored. These are very extraordinary people, and these are extraordinary times.” After founding and funding Ceca with his spouse Rosemary, the Lawlor family will be increasing their funding and, for the first time, actively inviting outside donors to help underwrite the Special Awards.

Added Hamme, “While we are honoring caregivers with supplemental awards, it’s also an opportunity for all of us in the community to salute those who are on the frontline fighting the coronavirus. The Special Awards provide a small but sorely needed financial boost to our Honorees. At the same time, they offer a vehicle for all of us to express a very loud, collective ‘thank you.’”

In order to know more about their project and objectives, we asked a few questions from professionals at Ceca:

Q. What long-term plans has Ceca developed to help caregivers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. Ceca’s plan is to continue honoring frontline healthcare workers and support staff in the fight against COVID-19 within particularly vulnerable healthcare communities for as long as the crisis lasts. Our program encourages acts of creativity, teamwork and compassionate, patient-focused care. We hope to inspire caregivers to recognize one another’s extraordinary efforts, and encourage them to share their stories related to COVID-19 through our ongoing Ceca Award Program. Ceca’s program addresses a fundamental human need tor recognition and appreciation. And this recognition inspires empathy, humor, integrity, professionalism, and teamwork in treating patients and residents – core caregiver values that are particularly critical during this crisis.

Q. There are millions of caregivers in the country; how will Ceca be organizing the entire awardee selection process?

A. Ceca partners with healthcare communities, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and behavioral health centers, and currently offers the Ceca Award Program to their thousands of frontline and support staff members. The Special Ceca Award honorees will be chosen from nominations submitted and authenticated on or through the Ceca Award mobile app. Stories of extraordinary acts related to caring for patients and residents during this COVID-19 pandemic are sent in by peers, managers, patients, residents and/or loved ones. Additionally, Ceca is encouraging caregivers outside of its network to submit stories through [email protected]. Nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges, who will select the Honorees. Ceca will celebrate the Honorees with a $250 award, and feature them on their various digital platforms and on web-enabled CecaTV monitors placed in high-traffic areas within each partner facility.

Q. How is Ceca planning to enhance the efficiency of caregivers in this hour of crisis?

A. Healthcare workers are on the frontlines caring for those affected by the Coronavirus, and keeping it away from our most vulnerable populations, such as those living in senior facilities. Every employee has stepped up to help, from the receptionists who are screening everyone coming through the door, to supply chain workers who are procuring protective gear and equipment, to IT workers who are connecting the elderly to their families through video, to the medical staff who jeopardize their own health and private lives to care for patients and residents. Ceca’s mission is to recognize the exceptional acts of care that are already taking place in healthcare facilities, which puts emphasis on quality, human experiences in our healthcare communities.

About Ceca Foundation

Ceca Foundation (pronounced See’ ka, as in Celebrating caregivers) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to improve the human experience in healthcare communities by honoring the work of their exceptional caregivers. Founded by Matthew and Rosemary Lawlor, Ceca provides proprietary software and manages partners’ engagement and recognition program, while underwriting monetary awards for caregivers. See a brief video.

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To schedule an interview with an award recipient, contact Michelle Sims.

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