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Support Service Pro Helps Businesses Refine Marketing Efforts with Email Marketing Strategy

When people talk about examples of digital marketing services, people will probably think of the more popular social media marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing services, and maybe even websites and content marketing services. By popular, we mean “getting a lot of attention.” People are less likely to quote the good old email marketing services.

But why is this? Has email marketing taken the backseat behind these newer, sleeker and glossier marketing services? And has email marketing fallen out of favor among agencies and digital marketers? The short answer is, no. Email marketing might be more low-key when compared to other marketing types but many circumstances make email marketing more advantageous.

Emailing is probably as old as the internet itself and email marketing pre-dates all other kinds of digital marketing services. ARPANET, the US Defense-funded progenitor of the modern internet, came about in the late 60s. Through this network, the first email was sent in 1971. The first email “blast” for commercial purposes was done in 1974, making it the first example of email marketing. Websites were not created until 1991 and the first recognizable social media site (“Six Degrees”) was created in 1997.

It’s easy to see why the earliest adopter of commercial email applications were businesses, particularly with middle and higher management levels. Email allowed for efficiency in communication and the systematic recording of internal messages and communique, bringing about responsiveness and decisiveness in operations. These were very desirable attributes for businesses seeking a competitive edge. To this day, email is still the choice communication channel among businesses. This is the lasting legacy of email, it’s the medium for B2B and B2C transactions.

Most emails move within professional networks. As such email marketing has always targeted professionals, management, executives, those who can make decisions within a department, and those who call the shots for a company. But given the age and prolific (and perhaps abusive) usage of email marketing, a lot of what makes email marketing great and effective has been lost through the years. As a result, a lot of today’s marketing emails are automatically filtered into people’s junk and spam folders.

But there’s one digital marketing agency that’s bringing refinement back into email marketing and that’s Support Service Pro.

Support Service Pro is an online-based provider of digital marketing solutions and one of its lauded services is its bespoke email marketing. But rather than using an ineffective carpet-bombing and mindless shotgun approach that other hack agencies call an email marketing strategy, Support Service Pro uses truly next-level methods to make email marketing work.

For one, Support Service Pro uses a custom-built targeted approach to emailing. No generic templates used. Email content is tailored using the specifics of the target recipients. Support Service Pro crafts emails that “speak” directly to the recipients using any relevant information available. In the same vein, Support Service Pro also sends emails via market segments. No random email blasts here. Recipients are chosen based on specific target market characteristics to increase the likelihood of a response.

Support Service Pro also understands that marketing emails speak of the brand of the sender. And so Support Service Pro makes careful work of how it puts together an email program. It does this ensuring its client’s reputation while building credibility and earning the trust of customers. Support Service Pro knows that through careful email design, a strong relationship can be made with the target recipients.

Of course Support Service Pro knows that the most important purpose of an email is to persuade recipient customers to take action. Whether it’s for sales, an invitation to visit a website, or a request for information, the emails are always clear about their purpose and are done most professionally or respectfully. There’s no need to worry about subterfuge or muddling. Based on Support Service Pro’s experience in email marketing, recipients appreciate this strategy better and are more likely to respond to them compared with emails using underhanded techniques.

Aside from its effective email methods, Support Service Pro is also known for the data-handling program it puts together to manage its email marketing campaign. Support Service Pro employs the latest feature-laden-but-user-friendly customer relationship management systems to keep tabs on the email campaign. This also means that clients who will be sharing the same system will always be up to speed with all developments.

To get more information about Support Service Pro’s top-of-the-line email marketing services as well as other digital marketing services, visit For inquiries, email [email protected].

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