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Asian Community Rallies Donations for Medical Staff

The Asian American community in Los Angeles is playing its role in the nationwide battle against COVID-19

Asian Community Rallies Donations for Medical Staff This article was written by Vivian Tao.

As of today, COVID-19 has affected over 560,000 citizens in the United States, which has surpassed China in terms of confirmed cases and death tolls. With these dreadful numbers growing exponentially each day, hospitals face a shortage of hospital supplies, including face masks, protective clothing, and ventilators. To continue the battle on the frontlines, healthcare workers had no choice but to resort to homemade protective gears, risking their lives to treat patients. Having recognized this urgent need, Asian-American community groups in Los Angeles have donated over one million units of PPE to hospital staff and healthcare workers. Private individuals have also raised money to purchase masks and deliver them to those most in need. This is a natural extension of an effort that started at the beginning of the year, when the same groups and individuals sent medical supplies to Wuhan, China, where COVID-19 broke out and the epicenter back then. They have swiftly turned their attention back to America as COVID-19 spread across the country. 

Unfortunately, while fighting the virus, Asian-American groups had to face the rise in hate crimes, ranging from verbal abuse on the streets to the stabbing of all three members of an Asian-American family at a Sam’s Club in Texas. Despite these tragic incidents, Asian-Americans around the country continue to work feverishly to combat COVID-19.

Here are a few examples among many incredible people and organizations that have come together at this crucial time: 

INFINITY STAR under AMG America Media Group donated over 2000 units medical supplies to Janie’s Foundation, and will specially rewarding over $100,000 scholarships providing online education program for global students during this year to fighting against coronavirus.

The Chinese-American committee of 16 Lions Clubs co-hosted a Walk For Health on February 29, 2020, at Whittier Narrows Park. The committee donated $7,000 to Lions Club International to fight COVID-19, and over $80,000 to local communities.

LCIF Walk For Health Video Link

Dr. Debby Pyng Jou, the founder and president of the San Gabriel Lions Club and the chairman of Apollo Media Entertainment Group, led members of the Hope Lions Club along the trips to donate medical supplies to local government and medical institutions. As of today, she has personally donated over 110,000 masks and 55 gallons of disinfectant.

In conjunction with her efforts, Dr. Jou issued the following statements:

“We chose the United States as our second home, and it treats us well. Schools have given us the best education in the world, the society accepted us and offered us the right to freedom and democracy. It also provides us with the opportunity to live and work in peace and to provide our children with an environment in which they can grow up freely and healthily … It is time for us to make a contribution to this country.”

Dr. Jou’s statements have resonated with all generations of Asian-Americans in Southern California. We can only be safe and healthy when America is safe and healthy. That is why we must resolve to continue to donate supplies to those in need, we must reach out to elderly and vulnerable individuals to ensure their well-beings, and unite together to fight this pandemic together. God Bless America!

Dr. Debby Pyng Jou is also CEO of GDEF, said, “As an ECI global strategic partner, GDEF will contribute $ 1 million a year to reward institutions or individuals who have won Grand Awards / Award of the Year on the ECI platform to encourage global innovation and promote Human sustainable development. This year’s fight against coronavirus has become the theme of global human health. To this end, we specially reward this year’s the ECI Prize to  the outstanding innovative designers for public health and anti-epidemic in 2020, to make the charity  Innovators are respected, praised and rewarded in value! This is one of the original intentions of our GDEF.”

The San Marino Griffins Lions Club is the first women’s Lions Club in Southern California.  Club members have donated over 10,000 masks to CHLA Children’s Hospital, City of Hope, Methodist Hospital, San Marino Police Department & Fire Department, California Institute for Women, Compton Fire Department and Police Department, Sunnyvale Fire Department, Dominican Hospital Santa Cruz, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation, and community groups in Staten Island (NY) and Aliso Viejo. “We Serve, We Help, We Give!” is the club’s motto.

As Vivian Lu, President of the San Marino Griffins Club, stated, “Our healthcare workers are on the frontline to fight this pandemic. Personal protective supplies are crucial for their safety and the health of the patients. If we cannot protect our healthcare workers, who is going to take care of our patients?”

On March 27, SMGLC president Vivian Lu (left )and San Marino Leo Club Director Vivian Chan (Right) donated to the Methodist Hospital.

The Chinese American Federation (CAF) has donated will be over $200,000  supplies to more than ten hospitals and senior centers, including the Beverly Hospital, Whittier Hospital Medical Center, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Union Pacific IPA, Orange Coast Medical Center, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Orange Coast Medical Center and Torrance Memorial Medical Center UC Irvine Medical Center, VA Medical Center in Detroit, Columbia University New York Presbyterian Hospital, Pilgrim Place Claremont Health Center, and Acadia Methodist Hospital.

Jito Express, an international shipping company in LA, donated 40,000 units of PPE to UCLA Medical Center and Pomona Hospital. CEO Aimee Chin and managers Chen Lu, Jackie Li, and Bruce Zhao donated 400 individual packets to the people in most need for masks through USPS.

Nathaniel Victor of and his colleague Tina Tao have spent countless hours helping to mitigate the supply outages within their affiliated cities of Louisville, KY and Los Angeles. They have donated thousands of masks to Baptist Health of Louisville and helped to procure supplies as soon as possible in order to contain and quell the spread of the virus.

Joann Li CEO of AI PLUS GALLERY donated  medical supplies to the Huntington Hospital and Shriners Medical Center.

XiaoDan Yu VP of Panatural USA Inc. donated 1000 hand sanitizers to San Marino school district.

The Elite Performing Arts Group USA has donated over $25,000 to provide the LA County Department of Health with 20,000 masks, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Service with 25,000 masks. Director Tuen Ping Yang

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, also known as Tzu Chi USA, is calling for donations to its nationwide COVID-19 relief campaign. Its goal is to help communities and municipalities most severely impacted, by donating nearly 3.1 million surgical masks (with 1 million designated for New York and New Jersey, funded by Tzu Chi Global Headquarters in Taiwan), 314,000 N95 respirators/N95 alternatives, 545,000 gloves, 100,000 isolation gowns, 40,600 coveralls, and 100,500 goggles.

Jennifer  Ann (Top photo left), LAPD employee and Porter Ranch resident, donated thousands of masks (ordered from China) to LAPD and a few local hospitals. She coordinated with the Tzu Chi foundation to donate 2000 masks to LAPD.
(Left photo) UCLA medical director Dr. David Nelson picked up PPE donations from Tzu Chi Foundation (Left: Dr. William Keh and Mary Keh are currently leading the Tzu Chi North America Coronavirus rescue action).

Tzu Chi USA has separately donated supplies to more than 68 medical and government institutions, it has also offered social services to those hit hardest by the economic downturn as a result of the pandemic. Tzu Chi USA is sourcing and delivering groceries, AI Technology eco-blankets, cash cards, and many more things to help vulnerable individuals and families get through these difficult times.

Blake Chow Deputy Chief Transit Services Bureau posted on his social media. (Middle right)Chester Chong(Botton right)NACEA North America Career Express Association founder Julia Bulanda.

Chester Chong, chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, helped gathering donations from individuals and organizations of the Chinese American community. Twelve gallons of disinfectant, 8,000 pairs of gloves, and 20,000 masks have been donated to: LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department, LASD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and Ombudsman International, Inc., and Nonprofit Organization Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care – Paramount. NACEA North America Career Express Association founder Julia Bulanda organized online psychology support workshops to help Southern California University students, especially for international students.

“Sending Greeting Cards to Heroes” is a project started by LIMVI Studio, a design studio founded by Maia Wenjia Zong of Irvine, California. LIMVI provides an online card donation platform. The cards are designed by Elizabeth Lai, a hand-paint artist. There are 12 beautiful scenes of California. If you want to write greeting cards to the doctors, nurses or other frontline medical workers, you can do so through this link –

Please provide the recipient’s name, address and information and LIMVI team will mail the card free of charge:

Ms. Wenjia Zong also designed fabric masks that are homemade and washable, and donated them to senior citizens and families in her community. ECA East valley Chinese American Association has donated more than 5,000 units of PPE to medical staff from 5 6 hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and school districts. 

Weng Chong Cheong,Wan Fong, Rose Zhou and many asian volunteers are working at home making masks as the request from Kaiser hospital.

The World Anti-Epidemic Support Team Los Angeles began collecting donations and materials for hospitals and community public service departments on March 19, 2020. The Team has donated 50,000 masks, alcohol, disinfectant wipes and personal protective equipment to Manhattan Beach Police & Fire Facility, Torrance Memorial Hospital, Torrance City Hall, Los Angeles City Council office, Little Sister of Poor Nursing Home, Long Beach Community Hospital, Bristol Farms, Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, Pavilions Supermarket, Canterbury Nursing Home, US post office LA, Torrance Adult School, Care Mission LA, Lomita Police Station, Torrance Police Station, and Redondo Beach Police Department. The Northridge neighborhood and Mandarin Baptist Church of San Fernando Valley donated 2,000 units of PPE to the Keck Hospital of USC Pulmonary and Critical Care ICU,UCLA Reagan Hospital Emergency Room, UCLA Barlow Respiratory Hospital, and Beverly Community Hospital.

Art Love Charity, a nonprofit organization run by high schooler Vivian Tao, is hosting an art competition to raise funds in order to donate more masks. All art mediums are welcome, and the theme is “Communities Against Covid-19”. Winners will receive a variety of prizes.

If interested, please submit your works to this link:

The Institute for Asian Crime and Security (IACS) is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of Asian professionals that promotes safety and security by assisting leaders, organizational groups, law enforcement agencies, and governments in solving critical issues. The IACS cares about vulnerable groups of people in communities and therefore volunteering is an integral part of the association. As a new association founded in 2019, the IACS has acted fast and called for donations and volunteers during COVID-19. There are currently over a hundred volunteers and donors predominately from Asian communities joining in this charity project named “IACS Covid-19 project.” To date, the IACS has direct donations for over 14 agencies and institutions including LAPD, California Highway Patrol, Florida OSCEOLA County Sheriff Office and Emergency Operations Center, hospitals and fire stations across different locations, and joined donation operations for over 22 agencies in the heavy impacted regions of New York and New Jersey.

On the single effort alone, the IACS has made direct donation to the above organizations with over 12,300 counts of N95, KN95, and Surgical Masks, 5760 counts of Hero Wipes, 4000 counts of Top Glove Nitrile Disposable Gloves, 280 counts of Fleece Blankets, and 12 Bottles of Pure8 Tio2 titanium dioxide.

Center For Chinese Medicine donated over $20,000 to Whittier City, East LA post office, Alhambra Police Office and Yorba Linda city.

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