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Next-Level Location-Based Social Networking App Glassface Provides Community Benefits During Coronavirus Pandemic For Free

The Glassface app has stepped up and shown its feeling of community responsibility by putting its powerful location based services and social networking capabilities to good use. Glassface can help the elderly, sick people and people in need under quarantine.

(PRUnderground) April 14th, 2020

The entire world is facing one of its greatest challenges in generations, a global pandemic that it takes serious discipline and every tool possible to help slow or stop its spread. COVID-19 spreads quickly and easily, and counter-measures require everything from social distancing to isolation and quarantine. Fortunately, some technology companies are stepping up to help. One bright-light is the next-level location based social networking app Glassface. Glassface recently announced that the app delivers a number of features that are very valuable during this crisis, making it able to connect with and provide help to those who are at risk or may be infected with the corona virus. The app is sure to help many in this time of very serious need. During the time of the Corona outbreak, all features of Glassface will be entirely free. Glassfave even allows users to award or endorse someone who is willing to help voluntarily, giving them the credit they deserve.

“Glassface is a virtual counterpart, a digital overlay, to our real world and in this situation it can go far beyond things like social networking, dating or boosting your business. Glassface can help make lives impacted by coronavirus more manageable, strengthens communities, creates everyday Heroes or even save lives,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We really hope we can have a positive impact during the world’s time of clear need.”

Some common uses during this crisis of the app include, according to the company, giving users the chance to be able to ask other nearby Glassface Users to help them get groceries or medication, since they are too old, sick or afraid to go outside, which not just helps them but also reduces the risk of transmission; the ability to find a solution to other urgent physical tasks in an everyday situation that they can’t do themselves, like bring on a plumber or electrician, who lives close by, in an emergency, which otherwise would may not be handled and could leave the elderly or children in danger. Another example is that medical service providers, such as medical practices can ask for medical supplies that are not available in the market anymore, such as sanitizer or face masks. It is possible that someone in close proximity has some extra supply; plus much more.

The multifaceted app truly needs to be downloaded and explored to see all of its expanding possibilities.

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About Glassface

Glassface is a technology platform for location-based engagement, for social, helping, security and dating related aspects. It is designed to facilitate these interactions and take best advantage of the power of the social crowd to improve everyday life and make this world a safer place, enrich social interaction and award social courage.

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