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My Success Team Provides Best Practices and Social Media Marketing Trends for Online Businesses

Digital marketing has become more prominent and in-demand for online businesses these days because of the various practices and marketing trends that continue to revolutionize the industry.

Social media is among the digital marketing strategies that marketers and business owners use that has yielded great results. However, social media will be far from static especially with the improvement in technology. As habits change and new platforms come into existence, what worked a few months ago may not give a business the same great results now.

These changes can influence how business owners can reach their target audience and how people will react to social media marketing. For business owners and marketers, it is important to keep up to date with the best practices and social media marketing trends to make the most of social media and stay ahead of the curve.

My Success Team already has this in mind, which is why it has been working on developing the best practices and social media marketing trends for online businesses. My Success Team is an online business coaching and digital marketing company that has gained a reputation in setting new standards of business coaching in transforming businesses.

As a digital marketing company, My Success Team has helped business owners create sustainable and profitable businesses through excellent marketing services.

According to My Success Team, living in an era where marketing technology moves fast and consumer behaviors and interests are hard to predict, marketers and business owners should no longer stick with the same old methods they thought would work forever.

Staying updated on the best practices and latest social media marketing trends can help business owners fuel their strategy and make their online businesses stand out.

Listed below are some of the social media trends My Success Team thinks that business owners and marketers need to be aware of because they can benefit online businesses in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Voice search optimization – Search engines have been a reliable source of information for consumers. However, with technological advancements, people’s way of searching for information online also changes. Some are now using voice search on their tablets and smartphones to search the internet. Based on research, the majority of online searches will be performed through voice functions. Business owners should start optimizing their content for voice search because this can be a huge source of potential traffic for businesses and produce high conversion and sales.
  2. Mobile optimization – With the advancement in voice search optimization, business owners need to improve the consumers’ mobile experience through mobile optimization. Through mobile optimization, business websites will have the ability to reformat themselves for different devices. This, in turn, can provide an optimal experience for the visitors. Furthermore, this also increases the chance of business websites to rank on search engines.
  3. Advancement in social media messaging platforms – Aside from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a lot of people are now utilizing other social media messaging platforms like WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp. The growth in the use of social media messaging platforms increases the potential in the improvement of customer experience. The combination of artificial intelligence and messaging platforms can help businesses engage in more personalized, relevant, and helpful customer conversations.
  4. Marketing to Generation Z – Generation Z, or Gen Z, is referred to as the hyper-connected and highly opinionated generation because social media and the internet have made them consciously aware and concerned about world events. Business owners should start learning how they can market their products and services to Gen Z successfully.
  5. Video marketing – Video marketing isn’t a new trend but will soon dominate and will be an important trend in social media marketing. Whether it is long-form content or a short-form video, customers are likely to connect with brands and businesses they have an affinity for. Video marketing can help online businesses tell their story in a more educational, inspiring, and entertaining way and will help gain a competitive advantage.

Social media marketing is continually evolving and more technological advancements will be introduced every day, affecting businesses. Business owners need to step up their game and keep up with tech-savvy customers; this will give them the upper hand in winning the game of business.

Learn more about how My Success Team keeps businesses up to date with the latest marketing trends by visiting For questions or suggestions, send an email to [email protected].

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