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Mobile detailing businesses have now found the ultimate software and marketing partner in Noovvo

Noovvo is helping local mobile detailers multiply their business by saving time, increasing productivity and enhancing ROI through its customized mobile apps solution, a revolutionary Smart-Assistant Software, and personalized marketing strategies.

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 7, 2020 – Las Vegas-based software company Noovvo is offering customized mobile apps and their Smart-Assistant Software to mobile detailing businesses to operate seamlessly and more efficiently. The company promises foreseen time savings, a 40% increase in production and a 10x increase in revenue with the technical and marketing support through its customized mobile app solution and Smart-Assistant Software.

Noovvo is the first one in the industry to extend “Smart-Assistant Software” for mobile detailing businesses. The software is designed to automate all of the manual workloads for mobile detailers so that they can save time and cater to more customers. Additionally, the app is engineered to help mobile detailers solidify their brand presence in the current digital age and assure on-demand service to customers; Anytime and anywhere. Noovvo’s custom mobile app solution and Smart-Assistant Software is available for mobile detailing businesses all across the world.

“Technology is changing the world for better, improving our lives and also saving us our time. Unfortunately, the mobile detailing industry is lagging behind for long when it comes to the implementation of technology in their business. They are still stuck on websites in 2020 when more than half of their potential customers are hooked to their smartphones. Thus, we are introducing state-of-the-art technology to the mobile detailing industry that will help them save time, operate more efficiently, make more sales as well as scale up their business seamlessly. Our custom mobile app solution and Smart-Assistant Software will help you gain more exposure for your brand, enhance productivity by 40% and reap 10x your revenue,” stated Youssef Malcom Kone, the co-founder, and C.T.O. of Noovvo.

In Frame: Youssef Malcom Kone

So, how would the Noovvo custom mobile app and Smart-Assistant Software help mobile detailing businesses? 

Features and functions of the Customized Mobile App:

  • Customized specifically for your brand 
  • Launched on both Apple and Google store
  • Personalized marketing assets to engage your customers
  • Free updates
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Allows clients to contact the detailer via the app
  • Booking/managing job orders via the app
  • Allows clients to track the real-time location of the detailers
  • Allows clients to keep a tab on the progress of jobs
  • Allows clients to receive before & after pictures
  • Allows clients to pay, tip, review and rate a detailer via the app

“We are backed by seasoned engineers and developers with extensive knowledge in the mobile detailing industry and technology. Thus, you have an app designed specifically for your company, that is able to address the specific needs of your business at its best.” stated Donny Doquisa, co-founder and C.D.O. of Noovvo.

In Frame: Donny Doquisa

Features and functions of the Smart-Assistant Software:

  • Allows mobile detailing business owners to run their businesses from anywhere in the world
  • Enables smooth communication with employees and clients
  • Backed by integrated marketing features to help detailers brand their business and attain more clients
  • Automated email marketing & newsletters
  • Ability to generate promo codes & push notifications
  • Ability to oversee each team 
  • Enables fast dispatch of job in seconds
  • Much, much more

Noovvo promises to deliver a customized mobile app and Smart-Assistant Software to mobile detailers in just 4-6 weeks. The company will also provide all of the necessary training and tech support to the detailer’s employees for the seamless operation of the app and software. 

“We understood that giving mobile detailers their own app and software wouldn’t make much of a difference. So, we developed an in-depth business marketing coaching and paired it with a proven, physical blueprint for them to obtain their next few hundreds or thousands of new customers within months. Now, the choice becomes theirs,” stated Youssef Malcom Kone, the co-founder, and C.T.O. of Noovvo.

The Noovvo’s custom app solution and smart assistant software have already received rave reviews from users. 

“We went from 1 van to 4 vans, as Noovvo made it easier for us to get booked on-demand anytime, having access to better management and marketing tools to provide us freedom… We probably saw 100% ROI within the first week.”

“Our customer retention increased by over 70% within our first few months. Our recurring booking rate went from 45 days to 18 days on average.”

“With the rise of CoronaVirus, consumers and business owners are being forced to protect and prevent themselves against this deadly pandemic. Our technology will allow these business owners to operate and even grow during this pandemic. Mobile detailers are considered essential businesses and are providing sanitization and sterilization for vehicles owners. This is where our technology provides the ultimate resources to mobile detailing business owners to supercharge their business. Our state of the art custom mobile apps also allows consumers to unlock their vehicles from their phones, thus preventing the exchange of keys and contact with service providers,” added in Youssef Malcom Kone.

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Address:400 S 3rd Street
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State: Nevada, 89101
Country: United States

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