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Halcyon Holdings Temporarily Shifts Focus to Include Bulk Production of Hand and Surface Sanitizer to Help Address Shortages

MONROE, N.C. – April 3, 2020 – (

 In times of crisis, businesses often need to pivot. Some do it for their own survival. And others do it to save those around them. This week Halcyon Holdings, the parent company to a variety of businesses in the cannabis industry, announced that it will adjust its focus temporarily to include the production of a new, non-CBD, multi-use hand and surface sanitizer.

The new product combines the market expertise of Halcyon’s product development team with that of its partner organization, Hatfield McCoy Mountain Legacy +Frontline. The +Frontline brand extension was set-up specifically to create medical products in short supply due to COVID-19. StarmanRx rounded out the trifecta, providing its formulation savvy.

“When we heard about the shortages in disinfectants, we immediately put our heads together with Halcyon’s product developers and jumped to action. Together, we have the resources and connections that allow us to develop and produce a superior antimicrobial disinfectant in mass quantities to address the lack of availability,” explained Courtney McCoy, distillation specialist, +Frontline. “The product is especially beneficial because it is safe and effective for use on both hands and surfaces.”

The fast-acting, broad-spectrum penetrating anti-microbial disinfectant is made according to government standards from pharmaceutical, kosher-grade products. And while Halcyon says the product is appropriate for use by military and medical first responders dealing with pathogenic combative situation, it can be used in households and businesses with various spray bottles.

“In typical times, Halcyon is focused on the cannabis space. But we could not sit by and not take an active role when we have at our fingertips the resources and expertise that can fill a gaping void in essential supplies needed to combat COVID-19,” said Isaac Montanya, CEO, Halcyon. “Once Courtney got the ball rolling and Tim Charles from StarmanRx jumped in to drive formulation and quality control, there was no stopping us.”

“We love this disinfectant because it is powerful, yet safe, and made in America. It kills dangerous organisms on contact with no harmful ingredients,” added Charles. “The active ingredients are Grain/Ethyl Alcohol (80 percent), and hydrogen peroxide (three percent); and inactive ingredients include purified water, emollient (propriety kosher blend), and lemon oil.”

Halcyon Holdings is comprised of world-class business leaders in product formulation, healthcare, agriculture, finance, sports and hospitality who use their combined talents to create the most transparent companies in the cannabis space. For more information about Halcyon, go to

For media inquiries, contact: Winston Zeberlein at, 877-442-5296 Ext. 704

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Halcyon Holdings Temporarily Shifts Focus to Include Bulk Production of Hand and Surface Sanitizer to Help Address Shortages

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