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David Naethan is back on the scene with a new single release: I’m Not Moving

March 27, 2020 – David Naethan has been working tirelessly to develop a very special formula, and needless to say, the artist succeeded in creating something that feels spontaneous, creative, and utterly unique. His music is a strong combination of pop, and many other styles and influences, going for a really mercurial flair.

A great example? Let the sound of his brand new studio release speak for itself. The project is titled “I’m Not Moving,” and it is a single that holds really high quality standard in terms of production and execution alike.

The song hits for its retro-inspired sound, with plenty of fun drum machine and synth tones inspired by the 80s scene. People who enjoy the music of artists as diverse as John Mayer, Maaron 5, and Bruno Mars are certainly going to enjoy the spontaneity and feel of this release.

Ultimately, “I’m Not Moving” is a perfect introduction with to David Naethan as an artist, and a great indication of his willingness to keep inspiring the audience, regardless of their background.

David Naethan is an example of what it is like to make music that’s not about fitting the usual tired labels, but it’s about truly speaking to the crowd.

Find out more about David Naethan and do not miss out on “I’m Not Moving”, which will be released on the 28th at 7pm.

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