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Lusso Gear Now Offers Car Back Seat Organizer For Road Trips

Online retailer Lusso Gear is delighted to inform customers that they have added a Backseat Car Organizer to their product line. This rugged and affordable seat back organizer can be obtained from both the company’s website here as well as their Amazon storefront. It comes in a selection of five distinct colours: black, red, brown, tan and gray.

Given that the company was initially established in order to help make cars more organized for children and their parents, they hope that their seat back organizer will now help traveling families keep track of their possessions better without having to endure the hassle of lost items on the road. Similarly, the company hopes that this product will help minimize distractions for all drivers, thereby increasing the safety of their journeys. Longtime customers of the company will further be aware that the company had already stocked a Front Seat Organizer that many parents found to be quite useful. This new variant of the product, however, aims to bring that versatility to the backseat where toys and other small items are known to get lost or thrown around.

Backseat organizer

Customers who have not seen the Front Seat Organizer yet may visit the Lusso’s YouTube channel to view a video regarding its use. The channel currently features a selection of other products from Lusso, and will eventually contain videos on everything they offer.

As the company states in their product description, “It’s not hard to create a mess in the car, especially when you have kids who want to carry their favorite toys along all the time. Now, you can keep everything organized with Lusso’s Backseat Car Organizer. Place every object inside the tight pockets and keep your car in perfect order. One feature that is special on Lusso’s Seatback Organizer is its unique design with the extra reinforcement at its top corners. Thanks to this patent pending design, the organizer corners don’t fold (curl down) when you load it up. The stronger material and smarter design make it stable and sturdy. Plus, it’s super easy to install. So put as many things as you want in there!”

As the company notes, the backseat of a car can often be found in disarray, particularly if it is used by a family with small children. In fact, backseats are known to get untidy without a child’s help as well. In any case, Lusso’s Backseat Car Organizer can fill an important role and allow both drivers and passengers to keep their belongings firmly sealed in an accessible space that will reduce the clutter in their vehicle. It has the additional benefit of freeing up space in the back that would otherwise be needed to stack items. As such, families who are planning road trips will be pleased to find that they can keep an array of small items, such as snacks, drinks and portable game consoles within easy reach at all times. Given that they will not have to resort to storing these items in the trunk, they will also have to make fewer stops along their journey in order to fetch anything they happen to want.

Lusso was also aware that many, if not all, travelers would be inclined to stuff as many items as they possibly could into the Backseat Car Organizer. Whether due to habit or a lack of space, this would normally mean that the bag used would deteriorate quicker over time and perhaps come apart at the seams entirely. However, Lusso has taken precautions in both the Backseat Car Organizer’s design and production in order to ensure that it boasts a rugged construction which will not fail so easily. As is made evident in their statement, they encourage their customers to fill the organizer with as many items as they please.

Their customers’ reviews reflect how well the product has been received. In a 5-Star Amazon review, for instance, Joann shares, “Another great product from this [company] Very well made, lots of sturdy compartments and easily cleaned. Fits so much in, and there are spaces for everything needed to occupy a bored child on long or short journeys. Fast delivery and great customer service. Highly recommended.” Similarly, G. Poa says, “This organiser is brilliant. It is sturdy and has so many useful pockets that it’s a breeze to fit, and I can’t believe the amount it can hold. The quality is outstanding and impressive. I needed this for a long time in our camper!” More reviews can be found on the company Amazon store page.

Customers are welcome to reach out to Alan of Lusso Gear in order to follow up on any further inquiries regarding products and availability.


For more information about Lusso Gear, contact the company here:

Lusso Gear
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