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Just Love Coffee Franchisees Are Actively Involved in Their Communities

Just Love Coffee Franchisees Are Actively Involved in Their Communities

Businesses that become ingrained in local communities help promote goodwill and elevate their reputations. Examples of community involvement can include giving back through local charities and non-profit organizations, creating a scholarship or youth mentoring programs, and helping to provide disaster relief. 

Guidelines for Community Involvement and Engagement

Generally speaking, there are five different ways to design and implement community involvement and engagement programs. An organization’s efforts can start out small and do not necessarily have to be grandiose. Depending on the resources and size of the business, starting small can help scale those resources more effectively while also gauging the community’s responsiveness and reception to the organization’s efforts. 

Businesses like Just Love Coffee use these five major methods to become active in local communities: design and implement improvements, hire staff from local community members, find a cause that aligns with the organization’s values and mission, place a value on creativity and maintain openness and availability. Local community involvement and engagement can be important because it demonstrates that the business wants to make a local impact and invest in the community.

Local Staff

Hiring staff members from the local community is another way to make an immediate impact. By hiring local staff or providing franchise opportunities for local residents, the community’s employment and economy benefit. More people in the community have jobs and are able to contribute productively to society. In addition, it is easier for local staff to relate to and engage with customers from the community. This can help quickly establish trust between customers and potential customers and the business.

Visit for more information on local franchise opportunities. 

Embracing a Cause

Embracing a cause or a local non-profit organization can help a business implement a community involvement plan. However, embracing a cause is not limited to supporting an external agency or charity. A business can offer its services to troubled or marginalized populations. For instance, an accountant might offer free tax planning and filing services to low-income residents. Staff members can also volunteer with non-profit organizations or partner with charities for fundraisers or the collection of donations. 

Valuing Creativity and Openness

Placing a value on creativity is about engaging with the community in artistic, innovative, or fun ways. This can be accomplished through fun events, such as celebrations of local sports teams or back to school parties. It can also be something as simple as implementing an unusual advertising campaign as long as the messaging does not alienate or offend the community’s values. 

Maintaining openness and availability can be seen in the atmosphere and ambiance of a business, especially if that business maintains local stores or locations. Inviting groups to host events at the store or making room for brunch or networking clubs can be another way to implement this principle. For more information on how the atmosphere can be used to create a sense of openness, visit 

Just Love Coffee provides opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to embrace the specialty coffee market by catering to a mixed community of coffee enthusiasts and regulars. Founded in 2009 to raise funds for families seeking to adopt children, the Just Love Coffee franchise offers a low-risk, high-return, diverse, and community-oriented chance to make a difference.

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