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SVHI PRP Therapy Announces New Services for San Mateo Locals Searching for PRP for Hair Loss Options on the Peninsula

SVHI PRP Therapy offers “platelet rich plasma” treatments for hair loss to Bay Area patients. The company is announcing new service offerings that fit well into the busy lifestyles of San Mateo patients.

SAN FRANCISCO – February 29, 2020 – (

SHVI PRP Therapy, a Bay Area clinic focused on treatments for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss therapy at, is proud to announce new services for San Mateo and the surrounding community. Men and women can suffer from thinning hair. The public can review a listing of various PRP hair restoration therapies available at a nearby Foster City clinic that is very convenient to San Mateo and other Peninsula cities.

“Thinning hair can happen for personal reasons. Not all hair loss is permanent,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of SVHI PRP therapy. “We have a listing of PRP hair loss therapies to help people get through a difficult period and re-energize their hair follicles. We’re excited to publicize these PRP hair loss options to San Mateo consumers.”

Bay Area residents can review the page for SVHI PRP Therapy at The location in Foster City is a short drive from San Mateo and easy to find. Platelet Rich Plasma Protocols, or PRP therapy, can provide non-surgical, comfortable hair restoration treatments. Indeed, the company is announcing a new archive for San Mateo-related information at Curious Bay Area residents interested in PRP for hair loss can find a handy set of relevant information.


Here is the background for this release. San Mateo locals recovering from a personal tragedy might notice changes to the hair on their head. Trauma, stress, and illness can affect healthy hair growth. Changes in the scalp could prove to be temporary or permanent. Aging, of course, is strongly correlative with hair loss. Before considering hair transplant surgery, a less invasive treatment, including PRP for hair loss, might be the best choice. For these reasons, SVHI PRP Therapy is announcing a listing of hair restoration options for the San Mateo community. Performed in-office, several comfortable and user-friendly therapies can help rejuvenate hair follicles and allow San Mateo residents to recover from hair loss.


SVHI PRP Therapy ( is a Bay Area company based in Foster City, California that offers PRP for hair loss to clients from San Francisco to San Mateo, Palo Alto to Redwood City, Redwood City to Burlingame and beyond. Clients who are suffering from hair loss and are seeking innovative therapy come to SVHI PRP Therapy to explore their options, including PRP therapy for hair loss. The company offers a no-obligation consultation on hair loss with Dr. Miguel Canales, a recognized specialist in the hair loss industry, including hair transplantation.

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SVHI PRP Therapy Announces New Services for San Mateo Locals Searching for PRP for Hair Loss Options on the Peninsula

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