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Adam Kimmel Cinematographer As Guest Lecturer At ICG Camera Operator Workshop

Adam Kimmel, ASC, the renowned Cinematographer, recently attended the New York ICG Camera Operator Workshop as a keynote speaker. The ICG Camera Operator Workshop in New York is an intensive training event for camera operators that combines orientation, discussion, and Q&A and workshop. It is taught by distinguished Local 600 operator/instructors, 1st ACs, and IATSE Local 52 dolly grips and also includes many hands-on camera exercises.

Adam Kimmel Cinematographer - ICG Camera Operator's Workshop

Kimmel delivered a talk on the relationship between the Cinematographer and the Operator. He spoke about the role of the Cinematographer( Director of Photography (DP)) and the relationship to his camera operator—and specifically about how he chooses an operator for a given project, and how he communicates the style and ideas for that project. His talk was mostly done in a Q and A format allowing the conversation to follow the lead of the participants. Learn more here: Adam Kimmel Cinematographer.

Many attendees of the ICG workshops wanted to build their proficiency in the related technical knowledge while also honing the more aesthetic concerns and artistic choices that are paramount to the Cinematographer’s role. Kimmel’s experience and ability to tackle the challenges of interpreting a script visually while incorporating the point of view of a director, and to convey this to the crew was reinforced through the discussion.

Attendees of this workshop also developed the skills needed to choose a camera support system, layout a shot, practice on the different types of heads and coordinate with the dolly grip and focus puller to achieve the shot. They gained experience using lighting, composition, and camera movement throughout a single cinematic shot as well as in a sequence of shots. These are essential skills every Cinematographer must develop.

During the lively Q&A session, many of the technical and creative issues on of the films Kimmel has photographed, like Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought Down The White House, Capote, and Never Let Me Go, were covered. For almost 35 years, Kimmel has been collaborating with different directors and establishing the looks of feature films and commercials. As such, he has earned over 35 film, short and documentary credits throughout his career and remains quite active in the commercial field as well, both domestically and internationally. Learn more here: Adam Kimmel DP.

Kimmel was recently featured in a USA Today article, which announced that he was a guest speaker in SVA’s Cinematography Master Class Series. The article highlights why Kimmel is in high demand with Film Directors and Producers and detailed insights into one of the more challenging issues faced in the film Never Let Me Go. The article mentioned Kimmel’s input and experience helped the Director and Producers capture one of the more powerful and unique, fleeting moments in the climax of the film.

Kimmel says, “Helping those who are developing their skills and learning to understand the real-life challenges that a cinematographer faces, means they will be better prepared to manifest their creativity. Hopefully, it will help them to create better what they want audiences to see and feel. We’re all constantly developing our craft and honing our skills so that we can put forward those memorable, remarkable moments that connect everyone around the world through our images.”

Adam Kimmel Cinematographer - Camera Operator Workshop

He is also quite active in forums and social media, sharing insights and observations regarding his craft and the industry as a whole. For instance, one of his recent posts discusses the shooting of a live stand-up show. Those who want to learn from his experience and knowledge can pick up many great tips and advice by joining him on the platform. Read more at the following link: Adam Kimmel, Director Of Photography.

More information can be found on Adam Kimmel’s official website. Contact details can be found here as well, which interested parties may use to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, Kimmel can be reached through social media platforms.


For more information about Adam Kimmel, ASC, contact the company here:

Adam Kimmel, ASC
Adam Kimmel
(929) 323-4441
[email protected]
111 4th Ave, Apt 11 D/E
New York, NY 10003-5236

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