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Shapiro Mediation Continues to Offer Expert Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

WOBURN, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2020 / Divorces, even those that are amicable, can take a physical, spiritual and emotional toll on all those involved. From partners and spouses to children and families, divorce is almost never easy. The caring and compassionate legal team at Shapiro Mediation know how difficult this time can be for their clients.

Since inception, the Massachusetts based firm has focused on reaching creative solutions and resolutions through expertly led divorce mediation and other legal avenues.

Shapiro Law Group's Shapiro Mediation Branch

Led by attorney Anna Shapiro, Shapiro Law Group's Shapiro Mediation branch is dedicated to serving clients in and around the greater Massachusetts area with results-oriented mediation services including those focused on the area of divorce and divorce-related disputes.

According to Shapiro Mediation, litigation isn't always the best route for dispute resolution. Although effective in its own right, litigation can be complex, drawn-out, stressful, and resource-intensive. Mediation is a reliable and useful alternative that can be explored as a way to resolve a range of disputes in an efficient and affordable manner.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Shapiro Mediation helps clients explore mediation, providing exceptional support, vast resources, expert advice, and effective strategies to expeditiously reach amenable outcomes.

For some clients, mediation, as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), can prove especially fruitful in achieving desired objectives. This guided form of negotiation involves negotiation between both parties with the assistance and guidance of a mediator. The goal of divorce mediation is to find amicable resolutions to each area of contention or dispute.

Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation Include

Improved Control: As opposed to litigation, which must follow a very well-defined legal process, mediation often allows for increased control and flexibility for involved parties in finding resolutions.

Privacy and Confidentiality: In contrast to official court proceedings, which are a matter of public record, mediations are confidential unless parties agree otherwise.

Voluntary Process: While lawsuits present certain obligations, mediation is an optional measure and one in which either involved party may withdraw from at their discretion.

Convenience: Unlike court, mediation can be arranged to take place at both a time and place that is agreeable to both parties. Further, each party may opt to have their own separate room, as well as a joint room for meetings.

Reduced Costs: Due to the nature of litigation and court proceedings, mediation is often a more cost-effective alternative for clients.

Expedited Outcome: Mediation can be initiated at the first signs of a dispute, often preventing small issues from turning into major contentions and resulting in expedited resolution.

Mediator Expertise: Mediators are trained and experienced in working through difficult situations and can act as an independent, unbiased neutral facilitator supporting both parties equally throughout the process.

Preservation of Relationships: from business disputes to family arguments, preservation of relationships is a key component of mediation, focusing on interparty communication as opposed to going on the offensive as is often the case with litigation.

Other Areas of Mediation

Their years of experience have helped the firm develop a depth of experience spanning a myriad of legal areas including but not limited to mediation for:

Experience Clients can Count On

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Shapiro Mediation, with their extensive litigation experience and a track record of demonstrated results for clients, is well-positioned to help those in need of mediation in the greater Maryland area.

Individuals or businesses in need of representation, mediation or legal advice can call 339-298-2300, reach out on their site directly or through the media contact information below.


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