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King Canna Says Their Online Dispensary Will Remain Operational

King Canna, a New Brunswick, Canada, CBD dispensary, has announced that they will be closing several of their brick and mortar stores due to the actions by the RCMP. The company states that they will however, continue to operate online through the King Canna website.

Jennifer Matheson, a spokesperson for the company says, “It would be something of criminal negligence to comply completely because people have come to depend on these products and it could harm them by removing access to them.”

moncton dispensary

Matheson says that the company is trying to help people who have come to depend on cannabis products for pain and other illnesses. She adds that these products are not currently available at the company’s Provincial store, and adds some of these products are designed for recreational and not medicinal use. A complete list of the company’s products can be seen at

“In the case of edibles and topical creams and ointments,” says Matheson, “They are simply not of sufficient quality or potency at CannabisNB or not available at all. Medical patients requiring capsules would need to consume multiple bottles daily at $70 each, and for many patients, this is simply not feasible. As of right now, our Moncton dispensary is open and we hope to be able to help all of those who need it through this location and through our online shop.”

Matheson adds that the company stocks a wide variety of high grade cannabis concentrates and extracts, all of which are grown and harvested locally. Products that are available online include wax, oils, budder and live resins, among others.

Studies show that cannabis use has become very popular in the elderly, particularly those over the age of 65. These are among the fastest growing customer base, along with those who suffer from chronic pain and who want relief that is not part of the opioid epidemic.

“In a recent study done on elderly Israeli patients, nearly 95 percent of those studied reported that they had improved symptoms after using cannabis products for just a few months,” Matheson adds. “Of course, this is not a new result. Studies over cannabis use have been ongoing for quite some time and dispensaries have been erected in an effort to make these products more readily available to those who need them.”

Matheson says that the real issue is dispensaries that are opening up or operating illegally. While legal dispensaries are now common in Canada and throughout the United States, there are still those that are not legal and that sell products in competition with legal dispensaries. These illegal operations are one thing that is making it much more difficult for legal dispensaries to stay afloat.

King Canna has a Cannabis Blog that shares information about their own dispensary, as well as advice and articles related to cannabis use in general. One of their posts discusses the stigma that many face with regards to the use of cannabis and others outline the benefits of using these oils and other products on certain medical conditions. Matheson says that they always recommend that users read through their blog to get more information about cannabis use in general, as well as their own line of products that will remain available on their website.

“People need to know that just because our brick and mortar stores may be closing, we are still here with the products that they need,” Matheson says. “We will continue to operate our online store and a few traditional stores throughout Canada and will keep everyone updated about further company happenings on our blog or via our news page.”

Matheson adds that there are a number of resources, such as cannabis videos, that are available through the King Canna website that can offer more information to anyone who has questions about the benefits or effects of using cannabis to treat a number of known medical issues. Those with questions can also contact the company directly though their website.


For more information about King Canna, contact the company here:

King Canna
76 Germain St
Saint John
New Brunswick
E2L 2E7

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