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FREE Visual CV (with standard purchase) as a bonus gift from Market-Connections Resume Service

Market-Connections Resume service is a Certified resume writing service operating in Southern California and Kern County to assist job seekers with career-related services including resume writing, interview coaching, and LinkedIn profile writing. As an added value, the company has now waived the fee for one of its services.

While other companies regularly raise prices in line with their operations budget, has created a deal to offer Visual CV templates at no additional cost to every new client with the purchase of a standard resume package. Clients make a selection from a list of 75 available designs posted on the company’s website. Given the competitive nature of the current job market, Market-Connections is offering additional cutting-edge tools at no cost to help job seekers stand out from other candidates.

“A Visual CV uses fewer words to communicate. Icons or graphics are used to enhance the appearance and deliver a fresher look using colors and designs that grab the reader’s attention. Overall, Visual CV’s have a DIFFERENT role than the standard resume. They are limited in the information they offer and they cannot be scanned through Application Tracking Systems. Visual CVs are best used during networking, so people can glance at an aesthetically-pleasing document to get the gist of the job seeker’s career and most importantly, to remember it for further referrals. Visual CVs are not to be used for job applications or online job boards because Application Tracking Systems (ATS) cannot read them” said Mandy Fard, Founder of Market-Connections Resume Services. “This is a popular service and it is valued at $150.00. I really wanted to find a way to help my clients stand out. So, we decided to offer Visual CV templates as a bonus gift so every new client can have access to this popular tool.”

Visual CV’s and standard resumes differ from one another because each serves a different purpose. When job seekers are networking, especially when offline, it is best to use the Visual CV to hand out to people. This way, they don’t have to read or remember every detail that is on your resume. Instead, they look at a beautifully designed document with an overall summary of one’s career and that’s enough for networking. But when it comes to applying for a job, a summarized Visual CV will never be a match for a traditional and professionally-prepared resume.

To view a slideshow of the 75 available designs, please visit

About Market-Connections Resume Services

Market-Connections provides professional resume writing services, executive resume services, expert cover letter development, and interview coaching for job seekers across the nation. For decades, Market-Connections has consistently been helping people achieve career satisfaction. Market-Connections uses industry-specific keywords to tailor resumes to the criteria that hiring managers seek.

Individuals can connect with Market-Connections at

Q. Do you provide job search and resume writing services for accomplished professionals and C-Level executives in the industry?

A. Yes, in fact, that is where our strengths lie. The majority of projects we work on consist of leading professionals with more than 15 years of experience. They are either at the mid-management level and looking to transition to a more senior role or they are C-Level executives looking to expand their horizons.

Q. What according to you, are the common mistakes that people make while writing their resume?

A. This is a great question and it is what everybody wants to know. I will start by saying that resumes have to comply with certain rigid rules. There are many nuances that need to be considered in Human Resources. I would say that some of the most important things to drop from a resume are the job seeker’s picture, personal information (i.e.: Date of birth, Name of parents, Social Security Number, Driver License Number, etc.), place of birth, immigration status, and pronouns, just to name a few.

Q. What other services do you offer in addition to resume writing?

A. We offer a gamut of services starting with professional resume writing and visual CV templates to compelling cover letters, LinkedIn profile writing, Thank You letters, along with career coaching and interview coaching. Additionally, we write many other career-related documents such as job offer acceptance letters, job offer declining letters, networking letters, references, Board resumes, Federal resumes, and more.

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