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AdLoad Technologies Rolls Out The Next Generation of Highway Advertising and Instantly Created A New Paradigm In Out-Of-Home Advertising

AdLoad Technologies Rolls Out The Next Generation of Highway Advertising and Instantly Created A New Paradigm In Out-Of-Home Advertising
In-Motion Advertising is Direct & Non-Intrusive. AdLoad truck-door digital displays give transportation companies an additional source of income without disrupting everyday delivery operations.

Sacramento, California – January 13, 2020 – AdLoad Technologies has sent shockwaves through the out-of-home Advertising Industry with the launch of their innovative truck-door smart display advertising platform. Clearly, this is the most disruptive new technology to enter this market in decades. In this Digital Age, AdLoad Technologies has ushered in an evolutionary upgrade to highway advertising… and Cloud Based at that. 

The result of this evolution promises to become the ultimate form of out of home in-motion digital advertising; engaging and non-intrusive, yet omnipresent and attention-commanding. It captures a captive market. The more traffic, the better it is for advertisers. Trucking companies can earn income simply by carrying out their day-to-day business. There are a host of advantages for both the transportation companies and the advertisers.

Precise Targeting: AdLoad’s smart digital displays play ads according to geofence data, time of day, and other variables that allow advertisers to custom tailor their message to a specific audience. 

  • Frequency, Reach and Exposure: AdLoad’s smart digital displays are fluid with the flow of traffic, this synchronicity promises maximum exposure per message. 
  • Carriers: Partnering with AdLoad provides haulers the unique opportunity to increase revenue without the expense of expanding operations or the risk of integrating new services. 
  • Patented Technology: AdLoad’s dynamic digital display design is integrated into the trailer door allowing the trailer to operate normally with no reduction to capacity, access, or interruption to daily operation. 

AdLoad’s Smart Dynamic Displays are Made in the USA. Advanced engineering and unobtrusive design features make AdLoad Technologies’ smart digital displays the perfect complement to any brand’s integrated marketing program and any carrier’s long-term revenue stream. 

AdLoad Technologies gives carriers the unique opportunity to increase revenue without immense risk or expense. AdLoad makes it easy for any size operator to start earning. 

Features & Benefits For Carriers: 

  • Revenue: Today’s transportation companies struggle to overcome steadily rising fuel and labor costs, profit-strangling regulation, and cutthroat competition. AdLoad presents a way for haulers to boost their revenue quickly and easily. 
  • Operation: AdLoad digital displays do not interrupt the workflow of daily operational routines. Their patented technology makes their dynamic digital displays a part of the trailer door, so there’s nothing to detach or touch to load or unload cargo. 
  • Expenditure: When carriers haul with AdLoad, there’s no need for additional training for drivers, dispatchers, or computer operators. They handle all the technical details, installation, and backend operation of the smart digital displays. 
  • Turnkey: AdLoad’s backend cloud technology manages all display adverts, schedules, and operations. Carriers only need to continue their regular operations while AdLoad takes care of the rest. 

Consider this, AdLoad’s dynamic digital display platform provides out of home advertisers a way to communicate directly without being intrusive. 

Features & Benefits For Advertisers: 

  • Geofence: Choose specific locations and roads to target your message. AdLoad technology allows advertisers to reach a very precise or broad range of audiences. 
  • Target: AdLoad’s platform permits advertisers to alter their messages depending on the trailer display’s location, time of day, weather, current events, and more. 
  • Influence: AdLoad’s digital displays move with the flow of traffic, allowing more view time. This enables messages to get the maximum amount of exposure per view. 
  • Analytics: View day to day analytics, learn about the effectiveness of your message and work with their team to develop the most effective campaign to reach your audience. 

Community Outreach:
As part of AdLoad’s commitment to the communities they operate in, they provide local agencies and partnered cities with a platform to directly communicate with their audience as well as collect data for Smart Cities and research. 

  • Make urgent announcements.
  • Display PSA’s.
  • Up to date traffic information.
  • Construction zone alerts.
  • Amber Alerts.
  • Community outreach messages.
  • Partnerships with non-profit Agencies.
  • Smart city data and analytics. 

Both Logistics companies and Advertisers clearly need to check-out this new medium in out of home advertising or be left out as their competition takes advantage of this paradigm shift. 

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Media Contact
Company Name: Adload Technologies Inc.
Contact Person: CEO, Ranjit Phagura
Email: Send Email
Phone: 530 751 6020
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Country: United States

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