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2022 Global Digital Asset Summit was Successfully Held

This is not an investment advice. Please conduct your own research when investing in any project.

On April 10, 2022, Beijing time, the 2022 Global Digital Asset Summit was successfully held online. It was sponsored by Techbow,, Wen’ce Translation, Hungry Panda, and Weizan Live, organized by Artisan Business Group, Inc. (ABG), Ehelp Company, PR Law Center, Chinese Elite Consortium, US Oversea Students Union, Blockchain China Connect, supported by the exclusive talent partner Hangzhou Global Youth Talent Community. With the theme of “Foreseeing the Future”, the summit was divided into a two-day schedule from April 10 to April 11, with insiders participating in real-time via Zoom and outsiders watching the live stream via Weizan Live and YouTube. The highest online traffic reached 483,200.

Global Digital Asset Summit is a summit forum for top industry experts and investors to discuss the core topics of digital assets. It is also a professional international banquet to discuss digital asset application projects and investment capital matching. The summit aims to build an international business and investment platform for the digital asset industry to interconnect and benefit in both situations. It invited 50+ partner organizations, 40+ industry leaders, including blockchain underlying technology providers, mining machine manufacturers, mine owners, and blockchain industry media.

The first day theme is The Key to Unlocking the Metaverse – NFT, where industry experts led us to understand the future of digital asset trading, digital currency, and the future, the development trend of the Metaverse. The host Zerong (Chloe) Fan introduced the three sections: Origin and Future of Digital Assets, Practice and Possibilities after the Rise of Blockchain, Choices between Tradition and Innovation for Young Generation in the New Era.

The second day theme is The Guideline to the New Racetrack of “Digital Assets”. The industry experts discussed angel investment and venture capital opportunities in blockchain, blockchain technology, sharing economy, storage security of new crypto digital assets, new wealth management investment, the investment prospect of various fields related to digital assets, and STO process introduction. The host Tunan Li introduced the three main sections: Opportunities and Challenges in the New Circuit (special section on Puerto Rico), Innovation in Digital Assets, and First Steps into the Metaverse.

One of the co-organizers, Ehelp Company, kindly sponsored over 150 “Codename: Spaceman” limited edition NFTs for sponsors, guest partners, staff, and the audiences. The NFT series is built on the “Polygon Blockchain ”, focusing on the artist and digital asset community.

One of the organizers of the summit, Mr. Brian Su, also the President of Artisan Business Group, Inc. emphasized that Puerto Rico not only has a well-developed digital asset sector, but also has a compelling advantage in several industries, including tourism, manufacturing, and energy.

The general advisor of the summit, Mr. Shutang Li, also the CEO of Easyfind Company, discussed: the rise of digital assets and the metaverse is one of the keys to solving global inflation and economic recovery after the pandemic. Also, “productivity” determines “relations of production”, so the full application and rise of new technologies can help society to optimize and allocate resources, and increase the opportunities for communication and interaction.

At the end of the summit, consultants of the summit Yuzhou Wu, Lang Zhou, Haoqiaomiao zheng stated: we would like to thank everyone for their efforts, and thank the support of our speakers and sponsors. We look forward to seeing you at the next Global Digital Asset Summit!

Special thanks to the invited guests (in no particular order).

Dian Liu, Associate Researcher, Institute of China Studies, Fudan University

Yang Yu, PR Manager of Ehelp Company

Wilson, Founder of

Wei Ling, Zonff Partners Investment Director

Wangyu Ye, Manager of Dolphin Capital

Shanshan Li, Founder of 3E Women’s Business School

Zhou Zhou, COO of Social Future

Jason Wu, Founder of DeFiner

Kaitai Zhang, CEO of RareLink

Alex Ming, Software engineer manager of Golden Source Capital Inc

Grace Liu, Co-Founder of MCA Capital

Xiangru Tang, co-founder of Altru, a Web3.0 Healthcare Company

Lili, Founding Partner of MoWa

Cathy Li, Co-founder of Metaverse AI

Vera Wang, Co-founder of Sweetgum

Xiaoqi Zhou, Executive Producer of Easyfind Label

Thomas, Founder of Techbow Big Bow Technology

Bei Wang, Co-founder of Straight Fire

Dazhi Zhong, Co-Founder of Not Just Art Studio

Hao Xuan & Lu Yunjun, Wagmi Podcast

Yutong Gao, Co-founder of EasyTransfer

Luis Fortuño, the 10th Governor of Puerto Rico

Brian Su, President at Artisan Business Group, Inc.

Sun Lu, VP of Blockchain China Connect

Gaolin Wu, current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the U.S.-China Business Association

Jesse Weiner, Lawyer at YK Law

Yoson An, Actor

Al Rocco, Rapper

Koustubh Sharma, Associate Director of Conservation Policy and Partnerships, Snow Leopard Foundation

Alvin Tian, Mason Scholar at Harvard Kennedy School

Nancy Xu, Secretary General of Stars Collective Executive Committee

Mingquan Zhang, CLO of PR Law Center

Peiyan Niu, President of Fangyuan Accounting Firm

Daqi Cui, President of Bezalel International LLC

Zilin Chai, CEO of Easypet

Special thanks to all staff of the summit:

Jack Li, Senior Consultant

Brian B. Su, Senior Consultant

Yuzhou Wu, Senior Consultant

Lang Zhou, Senior Consultant

Haoqiaomiao Zheng, Project leader

Zhengxin Liu, Planning Director

Shuya Liu, Planning Director

Tunan Li, Marketing Director

Jingyi Ge, Marketing Director

Yang Yu, Guest Relations Minister

Zerong Fan, Guest Relations Minister

Wanying Wu, BD Director

Yantong Chen, BD Director

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