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2022 14th Columbia China Business Conference: Innovation and Transformation – Unfolding the Next Chapter

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2022 / The 14th Columbia China Business Conference will be held online during May 19th to May 21st. For the past decade China is developing at rapid speed, initially driven by manufacturing. In recent years, China has transformed itself from a follower to an innovator China has been global leaders and one of the largest markets for numerous industries such as technology, consumer and retails, mobility, renewable energy, and others. The journey of transformation has been complex and challenging.

2022 14th Columbia China Business Conference, Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Press release picture

Along with our guest speakers and audiences, the Conference aims to unfold China’s transformation. What are the innovations in China that the rest of the world can learn from? What are the key factors to drive China’s growth? What is the future of Chinese businesses, and more importantly, how should the world leverage growth opportunities in China?

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Fireside Chats – Unlocking the Future of Business Education

After decades of vigorous development, China has transformed from a manufacturing powerhouse to the world’s second-largest economy, leading technological innovation. In a rapidly evolving economy, how should institutions that nurture top talents adapt to this change and generate more long-term value for students has become the focus of the world’s top business schools. In 2022, Columbia China Business Conference invited Dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai School of Economics and Management, Guangqi Chair Professor, and Dean Fangruo Chen to discuss with Dean of Columbia Business School, Costis Maglaras, about the future of business school education, business and technology education, the impact of climate issues on business, and more.

Healthcare – The Post Pandemic Future of China’s Medical Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought unprecedented challenges to the global medical and health industry, but also caused the industry to rethink about the future trends and innovation trajectories of the medical industry. This year’s medical and health panel features numerous experts from globally renowned medical device, biomedicine, digital health, and pharmaceutical companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the industry after the pandemic. Moreover, the guests will explore how the Chinese medical industry assesses current medical issues and manage potential medical crises in the future and a growing demand for public health services.

ESG – Greater Bay Area

In recent years, China’s ESG development has gradually entered a stage of explosive growth. In the field of ESG investment, Western markets pay more attention to the impact of ESG factors on investor risk. In the context of Chinese culture and society, which aspects will ESG investment focus more on? How can ESG investment and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area develop synergistically? How do ESG factors fit into investment strategies? How can Chinese start-ups and well-established companies reinforce the significance of ESG in China’s capital market?

Capital Market

In 2022, the reform of China’s capital market will continue to move forward. The full implementation of the stock issuance registration system is a major policy change at the beginning of 2022. Regulating the capital market is the main focus of capital supervision this year. China emphasizes that the capital market will play an essential role in promoting technological innovation, eco-transformation, industrial digitization, and the construction of common prosperity. A new round of change has also arrived – the uncertainties of the pandemic, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, the People’s Bank of China cutting interest rates, the transformative trending industries, the strengthening of cross-border collaboration, and the emergence of top wealth management institutions domestically and abroad. In such an internal reformation and external environment, what breakthroughs and changes will the capital market experience in 2022? How will investment firms grasp onto the opportunities in common prosperity? How has challenges faced by Chinese companies in the U.S. market affected their exit strategies? How will global ESG strategies be integrated into investment strategies? Four key guests from the capital market will share their perspectives.

2022 14th Columbia China Business Conference, Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Press release picture


Following the downtrend of the global pandemic, the sports industry is gradually recovering. In recent years, the popularity of Chinese sports events has vigorously prompted further growth in the sports market. Sports entities have become increasingly developed, exhibiting a trend of diversified growth, such as in e-sports. In this panel, the leaders of traditional sports and e-sports will converse for the first time, discussing the future development of China’s sports economy, the competition and collaboration between traditional sports and e-sports, and the changes in the sports consumption behavior of Generation Z.

2022 14th Columbia China Business Conference, Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Press release picture


Technology has long been the main driver of economic growth-at the recently held Winter Olympics, China once again inspired the world with an endless stream of new technologies, putting China’s technological developments under spotlight. Looking forward to 2022, the technology industry will usher in new breakthroughs, with new technological revolutions in various sub-sectors. One of the most prevailing sectors is the Metaverse. Silicon Valley’s technology giants and Chinese leading technology manufacturers have all begun to explore the Metaverse. Will we soon live in a virtual world where everything is connected? Will the bridge between the real and virtual world be further opened up? In addition to the Metaverse, artificial intelligence, environmental issues, and technology and society are also trending topics. As a leading country in artificial intelligence, what new technological breakthroughs and application scenarios will China have in this field? How will the tech industry move forward with the ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050? With the advent of artificial intelligence, big

data, and autonomous driving, how should we rethink about the social and ethical issues stemming from user privacy and technology?

Women in Business

In the post-pandemic era, the global and Chinese economy are in urgent need of harmonious recovery. Affected by external factors such as technological iteration, market environment, and foreign relations, a wave of commercial innovation in the consumer sector is emerging. Three female leaders from a startup, technology giant and retail company will discuss from various perspectives the changes in consumer groups and competitive landscape, market expansion opportunities, and what kind of business leaders are needed in China’s new consumption era. What are the keys to workplace breakthroughs in female empowerment and leadership?

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