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10 Female Empowerment Advocates on A Mission

It is said that a lot can be achieved individually but so much more together. In this article some amazing individuals and female empowerment advocates from all over the world share with you some insights into their mindset and outlook on the world, on life, their passions, loves and female empowerment.

Nicole Devlin 

Nicole Devlin, a BSc (Hons) and MSc Psychology Graduate. Nicole also delivers training in mental health awareness courses and is an occasionally guest speaker at various international events and conferences. She writes various blogs on topics related to mental health, misogyny, and LGBTQ+ issues, which have featured in several articles. Nicole is currently taking a research break but has plans to pursue a PhD with a mental health and trauma focus.  

We have been conditioned and socialised from early childhood. My first experience of the glaring disparity between boys and girls came at a very young age. I loved Gaelic football and was placed on the boys’ team to promptly being removed because a parent didn’t like that a girl who was just as skilful to be on that team. Later, in secondary school, I was encouraged to engage in health and social care topics, while my male counterparts were motivated to engage in scientific subjects. As an adult, I became more aware of the simplest things that distinguished a woman from a man. For example, the gender pay gap, poorer access to healthcare, and gendered-based violence. 

To use my voice for the better, to be authentic and to empower, I must take a stand against inequality, sexism, violence against women, and women being categorised as second-class citizens. I want to reach young girls and women who are struggling to value themselves, simply because they are female. I have faced inequality, criticism for speaking my truth, but when I ask myself, what does empowerment mean to me? I must take a very introspective look at myself.

To be authentic, we must be true to our values and beliefs; yet this is not always possible when we find ourselves acting inauthentically to impress others. However, as Bernadette Devlin said, “We were born into an unjust system; we are not prepared to grow old in it”. Thus, my campaign continues.  

Joanne Angel BarryColon 

Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon has been in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for 35+ years and activated many healing modalities over the last 15 years. She is the founder of Wholistic Fitness, Certified Wholistic Personal Trainer, Medical Astrologer, Reiki Master, Master of Numerology, and creator of The Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck.

She blends the physical and mystical together in her Body & Soul Transformation Prescriptions, the modalities that she utilizes include Chakra Balance, Reiki, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Medical Astrology, Numerology, and her card deck.

Joanne’s mission and purpose are to help women over 40 release issues from their tissues as they release emotional weight and fall in love with themselves. She is a self-published author of 6 books, to name a few “Healing Within Meditation”, “The Power To Release Weight” and “Healing with Numbers” and writes for several magazines; “The Authors Porch (Columnist – Cosmic Corner), Brainz Magazine, and Your Success Magazine and a speaker, she has been featured on The Art of Connection and The Channelling Spirit.

Joanne is the Host of Joanne’s Healing Within T. V Show where she speaks, and other guests speak about many healing modalities to offer the viewers another alternative to help bring their bodies back into balance. She is also the Host of Joanne’s Cosmic Energy Radio Show where she shares a monthly Cosmic Energy Forecast utilizing her card deck. She has also been featured on many podcasts such as Get Real and Intuition of The Soul. Joanne was born at home in Jackson Heights, where she lived for 2 weeks then moved to Queens New York.

For Joanne, Female Empowerment means holding space for other women to be seen, heard, and valued as they shine their light and recognize their Superpower.

Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy

HUMAN EMPOWERMENT–ONE YOUTH AT A TIME. Only one of Maureen’s missions in life and one she is very passionate about. Maureen continues: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our world valued every human’s contribution? With gender, age, race, and all other labels irrelevant in maximizing each person’s potential? THAT is what empowerment could look like. 

As the founder of an inclusive tween / teen micro-school in Seattle, Washington (USA), I am a fierce believer in the potential of our youth. Our school’s mission is for each learner to be seen, heard, valued, and thriving. Caring relationships are a priority. Human potential is identified and developed. When we talk about female empowerment we are talking about human empowerment. A level playing field. The concept of gender with our youth is fluid and a non-issue. Using the foundation of caring relationships, I am on a mission to connect the dots between education, belonging, and youth empowerment. Disrupting the outdated education system, I use my micro-school, Education Evolution podcast, consulting, and LinkedIn newsletter to shine the light on the myriad of ways learning can become active and engaging.  

Empowerment for youth means learning opportunities with choices and content that is experiential and connected to the real world. My podcast shares models that increase empowerment, such as businesses collaborating with schools or students demonstrating mastery learning. Listen in and become inspired! Let’s graduate youth who know their passions and purpose and are living them out. Collaborating with this common vision, we can each become part of the village that raises empowered youth of all genders…what are we waiting for?!”

Jacqueline Rooney 

Jacqueline Rooney is an award-winning entrepreneur and really is creating the pathway for young female entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps. Jacqueline says:

“As a child my ultimate dream was to become an artist. Even though teachers and peers recognised my unique talent, I was steered away from this as it didn’t fit the safe career norms. Did this stop me? Not at all. I graduated with my B.Ed (hons) Art & Design in 2000 and quickly found a teaching job which delighted friends and family, but my heart yearned for more. I held my first solo exhibition in 2002 & was determined to keep pursuing my dream alongside my secure Head of Art job, but I could never pour my entire heart & soul into it until I handed in my notice in 2017 & took the risk to follow my heart completely!  My new chapter began. I encountered many challenges as a female entrepreneur; balancing business and family life, access to funding, being taken seriously, defying social expectations.  I saw each challenge as a hurdle to overcome. I embarked on business training, joined business networks, collaborated with like-minded professionals, and began to dramatically raise my profile and credibility. I’m now living my dream & hoping I can continue to inspire others to realise it’s never too late to do so.”

Amy Doherty

Amy is the social media content manager for Think Network and Be Seen PR, Autism advocate, Miss Great Britain finalist (Miss Derry/Londonderry 2022) and an Amazon bestselling author. Amy continues “I’m a very proud Mum to two amazing little boys who are autistic which in turn has created a passion within me to be a voice for the autistic community.  

Female empowerment to me is being able to be a Mum whilst still chasing my dreams and goals. I feel like sometimes once you enter motherhood, society can try to quickly impose upon us that we must just stay put in that role and that role only.  

However, I am a dedicated Mum to my boys whilst running a business, being an ambassador for Northern Ireland’s biggest Autism charity holding monthly sessions for my local community, competing in the UK’s biggest and most iconic pageant, and writing a bestselling book – proving that once we enter motherhood that doesn’t have to put a hold on our dreams and goals, we can do it all.  

My boys are growing up feminists as I’m a single Mum, who is therefore their role model in life, and I know even at the young age they are at now that they are so proud of me – and that is my drive. I’m raising men of the future, and I know they will both appreciate the women they encounter throughout life.  

Female empowerment to us means enjoying and engaging in a global sisterhood that is inclusive and highly supportive of each other online and offline. It also means relentlessly growing together, learning about, and appreciating each other. And: fighting together for equality and standing up for each other. And of course, celebrating each other to the fullest.”

Henriette Macri – Etienne 

Dr Henriette Macri -Etienne has been named as a Finalist in the 2018 Altitude Awards coming up next month. A wonderful achievement. Indeed, Henriette is an inspiration to many female entrepreneurs aspiring to have a successful career in the dental industry

Dr Henriette graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from The University of Sydney in 1999. She has practiced at Sydney’s Holistic Dental Care Centre, Windsor, Gosford and in the Blue Mountains and has performed volunteer work overseas, including in Tonga and Bali.

She established the state-of-the-art practice Waratah Dental, in Lithgow, in 2009 and in 2016 she opened her flourishing practice Integrated Dental Health in Katoomba. In more recent times, she has moved to establish her new Integrated Dental Health practice in Canberra. In all her work, she has committed to ensuring to the extent possible that patients have a calming and relaxing dental experience.

She chooses her team carefully and provides relaxation therapies and a “comfort menu” not common in the dental industry. “Education, empathy, and a holistic approach are key, along with exceptional service. Our focus is oral health and the latest in innovative treatment and pain relief, but also on the whole person.” For her ground-breaking work, Dr Henriette was awarded in 2021 a prestigious “Altitude Award” for revolutionary achievement in the dental industry. Related to her broader interest in healing and relaxation Dr Henriette has trained in craniosacral therapy, acupuncture for dentistry and stress (including trauma) release.

Outside of work, she loves the snow, skiing, hiking, and climbing in the mountains, meditation, and yoga. And in her remaining spare time, she loves to read and write poetry!

The Altitude Awards are presented by Women with Altitude and this year are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The awards are held annually to provide an opportunity to acknowledge those who have made outstanding contributions as business owners, volunteers, employees, creative thinkers and leaders. Women with Altitude founder, Andrea Turner-Boys says, “We look forward to this time each year when we celebrate and champion the achievements of individuals and even teams from our regions.  Each finalist has been chosen for their outstanding contributions in their field.

An independent judging panel adjudicates the awards, and winners of each category will be announced at a gala awards ball on Saturday 3rd December at the LCC Event Centre, Prestons

Laura Trendall  Tapping into the talent of women is key to business success. The focus of Laura’s work is to facilitate the empowerment and growth of female leaders, creating successful careers that enable clients to be happy and fulfilled.  Laura helps clients design careers, signature projects and plan career growth to reach the full potential, for the women themselves, and for the organisations they contribute to.  

Laura is passionate about developing authentic confidence in leaders, motivation in teams, and strategising for business growth, and brings her experience leading programmes creating change and efficiency in organisations, through people, systems, and process since 1998 to share those key lessons with female leaders, as an experienced leader in technology who has been there and achieved.   The best way of transforming business and personal outcomes is through connection and positive communication.  

As the former Chair of the BT Women’s Network in 2012, Laura brings her longstanding experience to promote diversity and collaboration with her clients, and advises on creating positive and inclusive working cultures and development of the female talent pipeline, retention of women in the organisation and promoting women in STEM. 

Laura has recently authored a book, based on her signature programme, and the GameChanger for Women book is scheduled for publication in February 2023.  

Laura provides specialist consultancy to organisations through The GameChanger Consultancy to numerous Global Multinational and FTSE 100 companies at board level, on 4 continents, over 30 countries, and with over 50 nationalities.  Laura has supported businesses and national government authorities to develop capabilities including Women in Leadership, Strategy Development, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, Leadership and Coaching,  Employee Engagement and Performance, Transformation Planning and Collaborative Working practices.  

Laura’s expertise in organisational psychology, and employee behaviour through first-hand experience, during rapid organisational and technological change helps clients to anticipate the emerging needs of the evolving workforce and employers. 

Laura regularly provides comment for business publications based on this experience, given the current pandemic situation and impact on workplaces.  

Kathryn Morrow 

Kathryn Morrow is quickly taking the marriage industry by storm by teaching women how to take the lead and save their marriages without therapy and uncomfortable couples’ counselling sessions.  Passionate about keeping families together and keeping children with their “mamas” as Kathryn says, she recognized in her own marriage that she was not willing to see her family ripped apart by narcissistic abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, and contempt. 

Many couples assume that both the husband and wife need to be on board when it comes to repairing a marriage, but Kathryn is here to prove otherwise.  By using a dyadic approach, where conflict resolution and intervention is taught exclusively to wives in Kathryn’s program, The White Picket Fence Project, wives can learn strategies to not only communicate more effectively with their husbands, but also to increase the dialogue when it comes to tough issues, conflict, and gridlock. With or without their husband’s buy in, these wives can implement strategies and single handedly change the course of their lives. 

For those in her program, conflict dissipates, and divorce is off the table. Kathryn says “as women we have more power than we give ourselves credit for – why not use that power to save our most prized possession: family”

Sharon McCaffery

Sharon McCaffery is a successful entrepreneur, coach, mentor and TEDx Speaker. Having founded Infinite Sales Solutions in May 2018 Sharon as Managing Director believes that their biggest asset is their people and they strive to provide the best business opportunities for individuals, through proven progressive Sales and Business Development Programmes.

In Sharon’s role as Infinite Mindset Mentor, she works tirelessly as a coach. Her purpose and passion in life is to make people aware that they are in control of their lives. She believes that by developing self-awareness you can become anything you want to be.

Sharon believes in a ‘no seniority’ policy, which means that you do not need to wait in line to progress. This is clearly evidenced in her own career.

Sharon and her business do all this with the highest of integrity and honour and are dedicated to giving people the best possible chance of becoming winners.

A hardworking, tenacious individual Sharon motivates and inspires all around her taking great pride in supporting others grow personally and professionally.

Delivering a fabulous TEDx Talk just over a year ago titled “Are we a product of our environment?” Sharon explores how we can be conditioned by society to think a certain way suggesting the environment we submerge ourselves in can change our thinking and our mindset and ultimately our outcomes in life.

A truly remarkable individual and passionate female empowerment advocate!

Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose is an Empowerment Coach to women, guiding clients as they transition life changes in Self, Health, and Wealth, originating from their true belief in their worthy and deserving amazing LIFE!

Rachel says “My purposeful and intentional positive perspective inspired by a childhood defence mechanism ultimately leading me to become a motivational TEDx Speaker, Empowerment Consultant, and Author realizing much later in lifethat self-love was not selfish. Ultimately the more I did for me, the more I had to give others…including asking for help!

It’s not everyone else OR me, rather ME AND EVERYONE ELSE! A native of Detroit, studied art and fashion in NY, moving to Chicago becoming VP of both a finance and a Health & Wellness company.

No stranger to life transformation, a single mother, overcoming a near-fatal snowboarding accident, only elevating my passion and mission to impact, and empower women in taking their lives and/or businesses to the next level. Through a simple success method beginning with Showing, YOU how to blow your own mind!’

This article has been brought to you by Ulster Tatler Businessman of The Year 2022 and worlds leading TEDx Coach Gary B. Doherty.

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