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Your Health according to New England Journal of Medicine

New York – Taking an arthritis drug called celebrex appears to reduce polyps
in the colon and consequently may also lead to the prevention of colon
cancer, according to a new report in Thursday’s New England Journal of

Doctors studied people with familial polyposis who make so many polyps that
they have nearly a 100 percent colon cancer rate. However, when patients
were treated with celebrex, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, their
colon polyps were reduced by 28 percent.

Those findings suggest that blocking an enzyme called Cox-2, which is how
celebrex works, may help reduce the incidence of colon cancer.

Cholesterol drugs may help fight osteoporosis

Encouraging news for women who suffer from osteoporosis: Two new studies
suggest that certain cholesterol-cutting drugs may also be helpful in
treating the disease.

The studies show that the class of drugs, called statins, may cut the risk
of fractures in half. While more research will be necessary to confirm the
findings, researchers are hopeful that someday women will be able to take
one pill that will protect their hearts and strengthen their bones.

Study finds underage drinkers easily find alchohol

With all of the talk about rules restricting underage drinking, how easy is
it really for teenagers to get alcohol? According to a new study published
in the July issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it’s much
too easy.

Seven thousand college students under age 21 and 5,000 between the ages of
21 to 23 were asked about their drinking habits. Researchers found that
underage students are most likely to drink in private settings, such as in
dorm rooms and house parties. Fifty-seven percent of the underage students
who drank said they received their drinks for free, paid $1 or less, or paid
a set amount for unlimited drinks.

Although underage students drank less regularly than students who were 21
and older, they drank more per occasion than their older counterparts.

Forty-two percent of underage students drank five or more drinks per
occasion compared to 27 percent of the older students.

So what’s a college town to do? Researchers suggest there should be tighter
restrictions over the availability of alcohol. Happy hours at bars, alcohol
promotions and the sale of beer kegs should receive stronger oversight from

Anti-depressants helpful for anxiety disorder

Everybody experiences that edgy feeling when things aren’t going so well.
However, there are times when these feelings can be excessive, leading to
difficulty concentrating or problems with sleeping. What you could be
suffering from is a condition called generalized anxiety disorder.

Worrying is a part of all our lives, especially during anxious moments, but
for about 5 percent of Americans a generalized anxiety disorder can impair
their ability to function normally and can cause physical sickness.

Dr. Alan Gelenberg, of the Arizona Health Sciences Center said, If you’re
with someone who’s anxious most of the time and who’s set off balance by
even minor irritations, frustrations, and threats in day to day life, it can
be difficult. So a person’s family may begin to come apart, marriages fall
apart, employers don’t particularly like people like that.

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association supports
previous studies that have shown that anti-depressants may be quite useful
in treating generalized anxiety. This new information could possibly broaden
the horizon of antidepressant drugs that could be considered helpful.
Anti-depressants have been used for years with many patients finding
adequate relief of their anxious feelings.

The study was funded by one of the drug companies that make the
anti-depressants. However, there have been other studies not funded by drug
companies that have shown anti-depressants to be effective in treating
generalized anxiety disorder.

These drugs aren’t without their side effects, so the decision to use them
should be made taking all things into consideration.

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