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We Are Family Foundation announces Global Teen Leaders for 2020

The 2020 Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders (GTLs), represent 18 countries on six continents. These 35 young leaders were carefully selected and curated from hundreds of applicants.

These leaders are involved in such projects as engineering sustainable skyscrapers, developing urban gardens, healing relationships between communities and the police, and developing tools to detect serious illnesses, as they demand a lead role in shaping our future. Three Dot Dash is celebrating its 12th anniversary.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Nile Rodgers, the co-founder of chairman of the WAFF, stated that he is inspired to meet and work with the new class of Global Teen Leaders. “Just listening to their voices and their ideas gives me a huge amount of hope. It’s one of the most amazing parts of my life,” Rodgers stated in a press statement.

The 35 Global Teen Leaders for 2020 are Andile Mnguni from South Africa, Ahn Ngo from Vietnam, Arunima Sen from India, Brandon Griggs from the United States, Britton Masback from the United States, Carolina Lindquist from Brazil, Casey Sherman from the United States, Chander Payne from the United States, Christopher Kleynhans from South Africa, Daniel Dake, Jr. from Nigeria, Doreen Michael from Tanzania, Forsi Ferdinand from Cameroon, Harsh Agrawal from India, as well as Hayat Muse from the United States and Ishaan Brar from the U.S.A.

In addition, Jeremiah Thoronka from Sierra Leone, Joshua Oluwaseyi from Nigeria, Justin Hu from the United States, Kasyap
Chakravadhanula from India and the USA, Katherine Heath from the USA, Laalitya Acharya from the USA, Laya Pothunuri from India, Lea Sandoz-May from Germany and Switzerland, Liam McLeavy from New Zealand, Limber Iván Herrera Delgado from Peru, Malavika Kannan from the U.S.A., Michelle Oyoo Abiero from Kenya, Neil Deshmukh from the USA, Olivia Seltzer
from the United States, Polly Chesnokova from Ukraine, Raphaele Godinho from Brazil, Reuben Reeves from Liberia, Saoi O’Connor from Ireland, Shaan Baig from Canada and the United States, and Shreya Ramachanran from the U.S.A.

The 2020 Global Team Leaders will meet in New York City from March 27 to April 3, 2020, for the We Are Family Foundation’s 12th Three Dot Dash Just Peace Summit.

Particularly impressive about the We Are Family Foundation is that it empowers youth from all over the globe who are changing the game with their ideas, innovations and social good solutions.

To learn more about the We Are Family Foundation, check out its official homepage, as well as the Three Dot Dash website.

Read More: This past November, as Digital Journal reported, country queen Dolly Parton and acclaimed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier were honored at the 2019 We Are Family Foundation (WAFF) Gala.

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Markos Papadatos is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for Music News. Papadatos is a Greek-American journalist and educator that has authored over 15,000 original articles over the past 15 years. He is a consecutive five-time "Best of Long Island" winner that has won such categories as "Best Author," "Best Blogger," "Best Poet," "Best Twitter Account" and the coveted "Best Long Island Personality" twice.

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