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Utah tenants draw the line at building’s new Facebook policy

As KSL reports, the addendum had two main things all tenants would be forced to do or breach their leases. First, they would have to “Like” the apartment building’s page on Facebook within five days. They would also have to sign a release allowing the building to post pictures of tenants and visitors to that same Facebook page.

According to CNET, residents were also told not to post anything negative about the apartments on Facebook.

The requirements rubbed many the wrong way, especially since some tenants had signed leases months ago. One tenant told KSL the new stipulations are “outrageous” and that he plans to move out as soon as his lease is up.

City Park Apartments’ attorneys did not return news outlets’ phone calls.

Attorney Zachary Meyers told KSL that the Facebook addendum could be unfair to the elderly and disabled who may not have access or be able to create an account for Facebook. He also said tenants are not required by law to sign new lease add-ons.

Meanwhile, the City Park Apartments Facebook page is getting a lot of flak from the Internet and currently holds a 1.1-star rating. It’s being covered with comments, like this one from Jonathan Carlisle Altman:

Whoever convinced you that your Facebook efforts were a good idea was objectively wrong. Just simply incorrect, yeah? I have no reason to be here, yet you’ve gotten another 1-star rating. The person who decided this strategy was sound is the only person to blame.

Social media is becoming more and more important in tenant-landlord agreements. Landlords may look into the social-media presence of prospective tenants, but this “Facebook addendum” certainly adds a new wrinkle.

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