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Top 5 water systems for your home

With various options on the market ranging from $50 to a staggering $5,000, choosing the best water filtration system for your home can feel like navigating a maze.

Photo courtesy Sorso Water System
Photo courtesy Sorso Water System

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In an era where health consciousness is on the rise, the journey toward wellness begins with the water you drink. Ensuring families consume not only clean water but also healthier water is a growing concern in today’s society, making investing in a competent water filtration system more critical than ever.

With various options on the market ranging from $50 to a staggering $5,000, choosing the best water filtration system for your home can feel like navigating a maze. 

This comprehensive guide, made after hours of research and lab tests, is aimed at discerning consumers, particularly North American families with a keen awareness of health and wellness. Let’s cut through the jargon and list the top 5 water systems based on contaminant reduction, convenience, pH level, and overall health benefits.

  1. Sorso Wellness Water

At the top of our list is the superior Sorso Water System. What sets Sorso apart is its holistic approach to water purification, marrying cutting-edge technology with impressive attention to health benefits. Sorso’s system extends beyond merely purifying the water. It starts with high-efficiency reverse osmosis and various kinds of carbon filters. Sorso removes up to 99% of contaminants, including fluoride, heavy metals like lead, forever chemicals, chloramines, pesticides, and more. Then Sorso enhances the health of the water by adding back natural minerals (Mg, Ca, K) to optimize the pH level and make the water alkaline. It naturally ionizes the water for better hydration, and what we like most is that it enriches the water with hydrogen molecules to create powerful antioxidant (neutralizing free radicals) and detoxification properties.   

Price: average 
Under the sink – water on demand

  1. Berkey/Santevia

The Berkey and Santevia systems provide decent contamination reduction and pH level enhancement but trail behind in terms of convenience. Their systems are a more economical choice, yet fail to offer the comprehensive filtration and health-enhancing features found in other systems. There’s also a need for a manual cleaning process to prevent mold.

Price: cost-effective
Above the sink – gravity feed

  1. Culligan/Kinetico

The Culligan and Kinetico systems (which are relatively similar) remove 99% of contaminants as they use carbon-based filtration and reverse osmosis. However, their overall health benefits and pH level regulation usually do not compare favorably, creating acidic water.

Price: average to high
Under the sink – water on demand 

  1. Fridge Filter/Carbon Pitcher

A budget-friendly option, the fridge filter system falls short in its ability to reduce contaminants, offering only a basic filtration process. This system is a decent choice for those prioritizing cost over optimal water health benefits.

Price: low

  1. Kangen

Lastly, Kangen Systems perform well in pH regulation but, in most models, do not purify but only filter the water before the electrical ionization process. Moreover, they are much more expensive due to the company’s multi-level marketing methods, making them less attractive for families looking for a cost-effective yet thorough solution.

Price: high
Above the sink

Although Sorso offers our favorite water system, each brand above is a great choice depending on your needs and budget and is much better than tap water or water from plastic bottles.  

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