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Teens barred from flight for wearing leggings

Jonathan Guerin, a spokesman for United Airlines, said the teen girls were denied boarding on Sunday morning because they were using an employee travel pass. The travel pass includes a dress code that must be adhered to.

The dress code bars passengers from wearing lycra or spandex pants, which includes leggings. Guerin said the teens agreed to change their pants and to take a later flight.

After the incident, people started to sound off on social media. Some users criticized United Airlines and said the policy was intrusive and sexist. However, the airline stuck to its decision and continued to defend it.

Shannon Watts, a passenger at the airport, was the first one to report the incident. She said she noticed to teen girls leaving the gate next to hers and they looked upset.

Watts said she went to the gate and saw a family with two young girls talking to a gate agent. The agent told the family that they didn’t make the rules, they just enforce them.

Celebrities even took to Twitter to voice their opinion. Patricia Arquette tweeted United Airlines, saying the whole thing was terrible and if there was a secondary fail safe from a supervisor to make such calls. The airlines replied and said casual attire is allowed, but it has to look neat and it has to be in good taste for the local environment.

Other celebs who gave their two-cents include William Shatner, Sarah Silverman and comedian Seth Rogen.

United Airlines said that ticketed passengers are allowed to wear leggings on flights. The attire policy only pertains to those travelling under the employee travel pass.

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