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Tampon tax terminated in New York

Julissa Ferreras, a NYC council member, took to Twitter and wrote that it was a big day for #menstrualequity. The sponsor of the bill, Linda B Rosenthal, said women across New York will no longer be burdened by a tax that was levied at a time when women were not even part of the government and didn’t play a role in making decisions.

The legislation, which was approved by the state senate and assembly earlier in the year, will exempt tampons. Panty liners and sanitary napkins will also be exempt from taxes.

Rosenthal also said that the measure got no traction when she first introduced the bill back in May 2015. She said people were like “that’s a nice thing,” but then nothing happened. She said eventually, enacting the tampon tax became a national cause.

Across New York state, women are expected to save around $10 million per year. Women will be spared the extra monthly burden of paying taxes on products they need and products that are often expensive to many.

As of now, there are 40 states that tax tampons. However, Florida and Illinois are trying to repeal the tax. In the United Kingdom, the government promised to remove tax on tampons, but nothing has been done yet.

In Australia, Sydney is getting ready to offer free sanitary products in public buildings. This means homeless women and workers in council buildings will be able to get free tampons.

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