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Review: Dr. Ziva Flamhaft amazing on bold new memoir ‘War Widow’ (Includes first-hand account)

Dr. Flamhaft, who teaches full-time in the Political Science Department at Queens College- CUNY, is able to sustain the reader’s attention for all 256 pages, and she is able to tell her convincing and unbelievable story. The book is set in Poland and Lithuania, as well as Israel, Palestine and the U.S.A; moreover, it chronicles her life in Tel Aviv, at a time of war, when Palestine was under British rule, where she was raised by a mother who suffered from severe depression.

In addition, Flamhaft fell in love with her then-fiance Yigal, and married him in spite signs of infidelity. Three years afterwards, her husband died tragically from injuries sustained from the Six Day War, where she witnessed him suffer severe burns (which left him beyond recognition). Ever since, she became an activist for other war widows in Israel, and she overcame adversity, by serving as a positive role model her family and especially to the youth of America, whom she teaches and instructs at the collegiate level. She also earned the coveted Fulbright scholarship.

Without giving too much away, War Widow is a book that everybody needs to read, to experience for themselves. They will be drenched with a wide spectrum of emotions: fear, suspense, darkness, mystery, perspicacity and hope.

The Verdict

Overall, Dr. Ziva Flamhaft has released a very informative, well-written and compelling book with War Widow. It is a memoir that many readers, especially women in the Middle East, can relate to, and draw strength and inspiration from. Flamhaft writes with rawness, honesty and authenticity, as she raised awareness on many important contemporary issues and political controversies. She was fearless and resilient in her most vulnerable times. This is one profound and unflinching book of suspense and destiny that is worth more than just a passing glance. It does an exceptional job depicting true stories while she lived under British rule, and it traces the author’s roots from Eastern Europe to Palestine. It garners five out of five stars.

War Widow is available on Amazon by clicking here.

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To learn more about Dr. Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft and her new book, War Widow, check out her official website.

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