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Review: An evening with Valerie Bertinelli at the Landmark on Main Street on Long Island

On April 2nd, Emmy award-winning culinary personality Valerie Bertinelli hosted an event at the Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington on Long Island.

Valerie Bertinelli
Valerie Bertinelli. Photo Credit: John Russo.
Valerie Bertinelli. Photo Credit: John Russo.

On April 2nd, Emmy award-winning culinary personality and actress Valerie Bertinelli hosted an event at the Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington on Long Island.

This event, moderated by Erica Marcus of Newsday, was in support of her latest cookbook “Indulge” and it was done via the Long Island LitFest.

Laura Mogul, the Interim Executive Director of the Landmark on Main Street, made the welcoming remarks. She thanked the Long Island LifFest for making this a reality, and noted that this is the first stop of Bertinelli’s multi-city book tour. She went on to introduce the “conversational partner” Erica Marcus and the special guest, Valerie Bertinelli, who shared that this event coincides with the book’s actual release date.

Throughout her career, Bertinelli has won two Emmy awards, one for “Outstanding Culinary Host” and one for “Outstanding Culinary Program” for “Valerie’s Home Cooking.”

She revealed that she has been acting since the age of 12, so that has been “in her bones” yet she still get nervous from time to time.

Her new cookbook ‘Indulge’

Bertinelli stated that her kitchen and recipes have inspired her to find joy and “indulge” in life again. “I am very raw right now,” she admitted. “I can’t take responsibility for any other person’s actions exception for my own.”

“I am trying to live as authentically as possible, and I am trying to please myself these days,” she acknowledged.

On the origin of the book’s title “Indulge,” she noted that it does not have a negative connotation. “Indulge means that you treat yourself well. When I make a meal, I indulge in the process,” she explained. “When you put love into food, you feel it.”

“My family secrets are always out and the same holds true with my recipes,” she said. “When I work, I get into a Zen space, and I enjoy the process.”

She noted that while she loves clams she does not like oysters. “Oysters are completely different mollusks,” she added.

Lessons learned from writing this cookbook

When asked by this journalist what this cookbook has taught her about herself, she responded, “When I am intentional with anything in my life, I do find the joy in it again because I was so depressed that I didn’t think I would love cooking ever again, and this book taught me that I can love cooking again because you are more intentional, focused, and purposely doing something that you love.”

“That’s a really hard thing to get yourself out of, but if you start the day with gratitude simply by just opening your eyes and breathing, then you can be intentional,” she acknowledged.

Her advice for parents that are raising teenagers

She also offered parental advice for parents that are raising teenagers. “It does not matter what you look like, it does not matter if you have the right T-shirt on, you need to find the confidence within yourself. As parents, you can build that by making sure that the kids are never told that they are bad but their behavior needs to change,” she said.

“No child is bad or good, no food is bad or good, it’s behavior and always making them feel unconditionally loved, no matter what,” she admitted. “It’s not about how you look, it’s all about what your character is like.”

Working with Betty White

Bertinelli fondly remembered her time in “Hot in Cleveland” and had great words about the late but great Betty White. “Betty was quick wit and so funny,” Bertinelli said. “I loved working with Betty White. We had so much fun on set. She loved animals so much.”

Her son Wolfie: The ‘sweetness of her life’

Bertinelli described her son Wolfgang “Wolfie” Van Halen as the “sweetness in her life,” and she was thrilled that he was able to perform at this year’s Academy Awards as part of Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” live performance. “That was out of this world,” she exclaimed.

“Wolfie is a 33-year-old kid, he always hates when I call him that,” she said with a sweet laugh. “He’s an adult but I can’t take credit for Wolfie. He did have both a blessed life and a very challenging life. I can’t take credit for the amazing young man that he is but I am incredibly proud of him.”

“Wolfie has done Wolfie very well,” she added.

Valerie Bertinelli defines the word ‘success’

Regarding her definition of the word success, Bertinelli said, “Purposely doing something that you love.” “Also, success would mean a grandchild to me,” she said with a sweet laugh. “I would love that.”

Her new cookbook is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about Valerie Bertinelli, follow her on Instagram and check out her IMDb page.

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