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Quantum physicist Rulin Xiu talks about new book ‘Tao Science’ (Includes interview)

She is a quantum physicist and string theorist, who earned her doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley in 1994. Tao Science is the culmination of her more than 20 years’ work on the grand unification theory. Co-founder with Master Sha of the Soul Mind Body Science System and Tao Science, Xiu works at the forefront of this new ground-breaking science that helps unify science and spirituality at the most fundamental level. She is also an entrepreneur, herbalist, healer, singer, and author. As a student of Master Sha, Xiu devotes her life to seeking and spreading the ultimate truth.

In this ground-breaking book, renowned spiritual teacher and master, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, collaborates with quantum physicist and string theorist, Rulin Xiu, to introduce Tao Science, which deals with science and spirit.

On her inspiration to write this book, Xiu said, “For many years I pursued the answer to the biggest question in physics, known as the Grand Unification Theory or the Theory of Everything. The goal is to develop one theory to explain everyone and everything. The outstanding physicists who have worked on this problem have included Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, but physics only addressed the physical aspect of everything.”

Xiu continued, “Tao Science has brought together the discoveries of physics with ancient Tao wisdom. Einstein himself said, ‘Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.’ I wrote Tao Science to offer knowledge about uniting physical forces and our souls, hearts, and minds. Living with this consciousness can help us develop our potential to live happier and more fulfilling lives and to create peace and harmony in the world.”

Regarding her definition of “Tao Science,” she said, “Tao is an ancient word that is used in Tao Science to mean the source and creator of everything. Tao Science is the science about creation and brings together profound ancient wisdom and contemporary science to explain the fundamental nature of life. Tao Science tells us what everyone and everything is made of, how everyone and everything is created, and how one can become a creator and a manifestor. Tao Science is a science of grand unification. It unifies science with spirituality, and every aspect of life, at the most fundamental level.”

For her readers, Xiu concluded, “The insights of Tao Science are applicable to everyday life and can help everyone manifest what they really want in life and to develop their capacity for greater love, forgiveness, and compassion. Tao Science teaches you how to bring positive information into your soul, heart, mind, and body and how that transforms negative information that causes disorder, lack of success in life, unhappiness, and illness. The understanding of how to embody a positive frequency and vibration helps create a positive reality, improving relationships, physical and mental well-being, work, finances, intelligence, and creativity.”

Tao Science by Rulin Xiu is available on Amazon.

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