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Privileged Access
Behind-the-scenes with Chretien, Turner & Trudeau

“Long after the journalists are gone – or long after the PM has left
the journalists behind – Carisse is still there, and it is understood that
his function is to document all that he sees.”
– Marc S. Bell, author,
Privileged Access, inside-book jacket.

Jean-Marc Carisse has served the three Canada’s Prime Ministers,
Trudeau, Turner and now Chretien, for over two decades. His collection
moments in the history of Canada. Divided into several themes that
highlight portraits, meetings with dignitaries and celebrities, family
and leisure, day-to-day working images during campaigns, in office and
the media, and moments of tragedy that have affected the PM and

Carisse’s privileged access to power presents Canadians with a unique
view of history in the making and visually-demonstrates the nuances of
and political theory in practice.

The official book launch took place on May 3, 2000, at 12 noon, on
Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

At the book launch, the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, Prime Minister
of Canada, welcomed the 200-plus crowd comprised of politicians, staff
media. Trudeau and Turner were unable to attend the book launch. A
relaxed and playful Chretien momentarily switched roles with Carisse. In
postmodern twist, the usual subject became the photographer to shoot
an image of Jean-Marc Carisse.

Filled with national pride, the writer for Privileged Access, Mark S.
Bell praised Carisse’s photo essay, commenting that the book represents
distinctly Canadian heritage as viewed by Canadians. For Bell, the
publishing of Privileged Access is a sign that Canadians “no longer need
to look to the South” for photographers and writers to publish Canadian

The Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, Prime 
Minister of Canada 
photographing Jean-Marc Carisse.

Used to expressing his views of the three PMs in pictures, a soft-spoken
and eloquent Carisse thanked all those responsible for assisting in the
making of Privileged Access.

He thanked his long-time friend and fellow photojournalist, Janusz J.
Uiberall, Founder and Publisher of who in 1996,
convinced Carisse to begin selecting photographs for a photo album.
describes that creative process: “We both went through thousands of
images. The selection wasn’t easy. Finally, in the spring of 1999, I
found a Canadian book publisher Warwick Publishing, Inc., based in
Canada, who was very enthusiastic about this project and signed the
contract with Jean-Marc.”

Carisse stressed his own pleasure in having had the opportunity to
photograph “the rich complexities of three Liberal Prime Ministers,” in
both their public and private lives.

Carisse’s photographic career spans a quarter century. His images have
graced the covers and pages of many political biographies and history
books and have been published by national and international magazines,
including Macleans and Time.


Privilege Access
Jean-Marc Carisse (photographs),
Mark S. Bell (text).
Warwick Publishing, Toronto, Canada
Price: $50.

Photography by

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