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PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia Offers Ideal Planning Tool

The PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia, the largest, searchable source of travel
attractions data on the web, is now
on-line at The PlanetWare site helps travelers
search for travel gems related to their special interests, provides visit
decision details and serves as a one-stop source for making judgments about
the relative merits of tourist attractions.

One highlight of the PlanetWare web site is the over 5,000 high-quality,
artistic photos which help users select destinations visually. PlanetWare
permits travelers and students to incorporate these images in non-commercial
printouts, if credit is given.

The PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia offers 10,000 pages of free data
including all photos, complete details of a featured city (currently 550
attractions of London, England), checklists of the top-rated attractions,
suggested walking and driving tour sequences, plus names of the 8,000 towns
profiled by PlanetWare. An additional 100,000 pages giving detailed
escriptions, hours, addresses are available by monthly subscription at a
comparable to that of a single paper tour guide book ($20.00/month).

The unique PlanetWare maps are interactive and pinpoint sites or bring up
details of the clicked site. PlanetWare allows subscribers to search for
attractions in 150 special interest or hobby groups. Users can find every
skiing opportunity, walking trail, collectible museum or architectural
style. Keyword searches work whether or not the searcher types accented
characters. English or American spellings are equivalent so a search for
theater finds theatre

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