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PBS Star and Dog Trainer, Uncle Matty, Solves Dog Problems

LOS ANGELES – It’s Uncle Matty to the rescue at,
where dogs (and their owners) can stroll an animated pooch promenade, visit
a wag-tag bunch of mischief makers in the Training Center and get specific
and candid answers to their very personal doggy problems in the
“Dear Uncle Matty” Column in the Woof Gazette. Matthew “Uncle Matty”
is host of the PBS series, “WOOF! It’s a Dog’s Life,” behaviorist,
dog expert, and co-author of 18 popular books about dogs and dog training.

“If you’re a dog owner, you are faced with much of the same problems you
go through raising children. Puppies can keep you up all night and fuss when
they’re teething. Then on to destructive toddler, troublesome teens and
adulthood, which can be full of just as many surprises,” emphasizes
Uncle Matty.

This popular dog trainer says his mission in life is to help dog
owners “get rid of the problems and not the dogs” and help reduce the
of canines (hundreds of thousands) that wind up in shelters or worse each
year. This “Dear Abby” of pooch-dom actually reads his e-mail. His web site
promotes his toll-free numbers and when he is in his Los Angeles office, he
readily accepts phone calls from dog owners across the street or around the

Margolis admits that what he first called a necessary evil, is now his
miracle. “The Internet has given me instant access to dog owners in all
of the United States and the world, who basically share the same joys and
frustrations regardless of where they live.” He now receives fan mail and
answers questions from desperate dog owners in the Netherlands, Hong Kong,
England, France, Sweden, South Africa, Latin America, Mexico and Canada, to
name a few. His responses can be funny and lovable or short and somewhat
sharp. “If someone is in denial about aggressive behavior, like ‘he only bit
my daughter once,’ I’ll call them on it and try to get through to them that
growling, snarling and just one bite is unacceptable. They need to take
responsibility and correct the problem,” he says.

Current issues being emphasized at include a Salvation Army
Program that provides dog training education and career futures to people
need hope and help; letter carrier concerns about aggressive dogs and
irresponsible owners; reducing the numbers of dogs that are abandoned each
year by increasing the number that receive humane and proper training.

Other features of the site include articles about anything and everything
that may be important to dog owners from insurance options and breed
information to news about new health treatments. It keeps tabs on
Uncle Matty’s personal appearances and the general store features dog
and problem solving items including books, videos and kits. The Training
Center features an interactive test that helps you determine what kind of
your dog really needs, if any.

Uncle Matty’s web site is a doggy village of entertaining information that
utilizes some “flash” animation. The site detects whether or not your
is running “flash” and provides either a “flash” or animated gif home page.

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