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Op-Ed: Fashion trend: Warming up with red this summer

Red is one of those colors like black that is simply timeless and has “remained a dominant street-style trend,” since it’s one of those colors that can really go in many directions, as explained in an article by Style. Looking to this season’s runway for fashion trends, you can see this “scarlet fever” explode, with A-listers and celebs alike sporting power red and warming it up for summer. And this color is an adaptable trend in itself, easily being integrated into other fashion trends for this upcoming season, making it easy to find lots of ways to wear red.

Men’s Fashions
From blazers to shorts to full suits, men’s fashion is also seeing red this season with major designers like Dolce & Gabbana, with their bold new men’s line that boasts red and black three-piece suits in very striking fabrics, and Gucci, who took things a little lighter with red as an accent against colors of black, white and blue, touting bold new looks this season. It’s definitely a major trend to watch.
And it doesn’t have to be the main affair; other designers “opted instead to use red in a more minimal, artfully wearable sense that can be translated to everyday use,” as explained in a recent runway review on the color trend by Fashionbeans.

Women’s Fashions
Major designers are also using the bold color in their line of women’s clothing as well, but seen more in statement pieces and used more conservatively than many of the new men’s pieces. From statement jewelry to bold accessories, for women, the trend seems to be more in the finishing touches than the main event. For example, Vogue spotted Kate Hudson sporting red colored jeans paired with a light denim jacket, a trend that has been seen on many A-list celebs. Red jeans are just bold enough to make a statement without overtaking an outfit, especially if paired with a white tee or other muted colors to accent the pop of color of the pants.

How to Wear it this Season
Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s easy to sport this color trend this season. One unique way is to integrate other trends, like the athleisure trend, which has somehow made sweat pants and work out tops trendy and fashionable. Another way to wear it is to integrate the color into a popular pattern, like the textiles patterns trending for this upcoming season. The bottom line is that red is no longer just a warm color reserved for cooler months; it’s also a bold color that can make a statement year-round, breathing life into outfits and adding some contrast to existing trends.

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