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New fitness-in-a-box launched for workplaces

Espresa’s Fitness in a Box package delivers turnkey onsite wellness programs to companies looking to make the most out of their wellness budgets. By drawing on a ready-packaged solution, overstretched human resources departments can avoid the somewhat tedious and invariably manual processes required to manage these types of schemes. Starting fitness and wellness programs can also be complicated and a prepared solution can make the delivery of a corporate wellness program easier.

In terms of why businesses should look to show solutions, according to Espresa (based on a IDG survey), more than half of executives (57 percent) cite increased employee morale as a top benefit of workplace programs. Furthermore, 93 percent of business leaders have said by utilizing such programs they experience personal benefits themselves.

In terms of what a healthier workplace can deliver, the findings also show that 92 percent of executives believe that workplace programs improve business outcomes.

According to Espresa CEO Alex Shubat: “Numerous studies have connected employee participation in health and wellness programs with increased employee morale and satisfaction.”

Despite the benefits of such schemes, time presents a major obstacle for companies seeking to deliver them. According to Shubat: “Unfortunately, they are also the most difficult and time-intensive programs to manage because most companies are using a process we refer to internally as ‘Google Docs and duct tape.’”

He outlines how the Espresa project came to fruition: “We wanted to create a modern, intuitive user interface that would make it easier for employees to engage with wellness programs while empowering busy HR professionals to quickly and easily take their vision for a healthy workplace from a dream to a reality.”

The types of services can be offered as part of such programs can be divided into corporate fitness programs, such as yoga and Pilates classes; and employee wellness programs, such as offering on-site services like massages, doctor, dental and vision check-ups and nutrition seminars. These services can be booked and tracked digitally, using an app.

These services can be provided through different findings schemes, ranging from the employer covering all costs to co-pay schemes where the employees make a contribution.

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