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National Alliance Declares War On High Blood Pressure

Leading medical, patient and government organizations today announce
that they have united to form a dynamic health care coalition. The
mission of this group is to reverse the growing trend of uncontrolled
high blood pressure. Despite efforts to reach recommended targets, high
blood pressure continues to be a potential threat to the lives of
millions of people. The group, From Awareness to Action:
The National Alliance to Reach Blood Pressure Goals, joins the forces of
influential organizations in order to increase the rate of diagnosis,
treatment and control of high blood pressure.

>From Awareness to Action plans to reduce death and disability caused by
complications from high blood pressure. Led by an Advisory Council of
five diverse leaders in the health care arena who are passionate about
the drive to reach blood pressure goals, the Alliance will spearhead a
series of high profile intervention programs to increase the urgency
behind treating and controlling high blood pressure to recommended

Today, more than 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure,
which is a leading contributor to the first (heart attack) and third
(stroke) causes of death in the U.S. While progress has been made over
the last 30 years in detecting and controlling high blood pressure,
control rates are no longer improving. Alarmingly, one in four of those
affected are unaware that they have high blood pressure. And only 27
percent are treated to the recommended goal of below 140/90mmHg, with
even worse control rates in older people and African Americans.

“Hypertension can be successfully managed, and the benefits of high
blood pressure control are enormous,” said Henry Black, MD, Associate
Vice President for Research, Chairman, Department of Preventive
Medicine, Rush-Presbyterian- St. Luke’s Medical Center, and member of
the Advisory Council for From Awareness to Action. “Clearly, more
aggressive blood pressure management is critical – we can no longer be
content with elevated systolic or diastolic blood pressure.

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